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145.5 Post-spring break life

Thankfully the weather is all sunny because I am losing my mind….

My baby 🙂

as per usual school is back in full swing. I have 24 credits left to graduate and it’s officially crunch time!

Earlier this week I banged out two miles 😉

Does anyone have attractive kneecaps? Because I sure don’t!

Running is HARD. I want to stop many many many many times. I want to be fast. I want to finish at a set time. I ran two miles in 22 minutes.

This might seem slow, but when I first started running 3 months ago, I could not run for longer than 30 seconds.

I love pushing myself.

When stressed I either cry or run. Sometimes crying wins more than running. It happens.

I love being a runner. It is heart-pumping and majorly kick-ass!

It is the beginning of April and lets see where I am with my weight-loss

Yes, this is my healthy living blog, and a big part of being healthy is being at a healthy weight, so I will be talking in numbers.

( Click to enlarge)

I am freaking proud of myself



Staying healthy in college:

-Share dessert! I always have a friend next to me when I want dessert.

-Make working out a priority. Exams and homework will always be there find time to get your workout in.

-Eat! I eat every 2-4 hours. If you let yourself get too hungry you will settle for an unhealthy choice just to let yourself be full.

I hope everyone is out enjoying this LOVELY weather!!!

The good always comes with the bad…

…. So for the past 10 months I have been suffering with a fracture in my lower  vertabre.

I have not been exercising at all, other than teaching abs class twice a week I don’t step foot in the gym. This coming from the girl who would go twice a day! I used to have friends at the local gym. The employees used to know me by name!

I feel so BLAH! My clothes are tight, I am super stiff in my back all the time. I spend a lot of time feeling sorry for myself. I feel miserable when something falls to the ground and I have to bend down to pick it up. It just hurts so bad.

Being in college I spend so much time sitting, this might be part of the problem but I have a hard time getting up and walking around.

Parking is a huge issue for me, all the nearby spaces fill up quickly and its a painful trek just to walk back up the hill. Yes, my campus is located on Hilltop Circle. One day I was so fed up I parked on an unpaid meter spot and got a $20.00 fine.

Where can I get a temporary handicap tag?

But, when I feel sorry for myself, I usually solve my problems with extra snacking. The last thing you want to do at that point is to think about what you are eating.

This week I decided no more feeling sorry for myself. I was going to start each day with a bowl of OATMEAL!

Picture 001

Yes, my mommy still makes my breakfast and leaves it by the door so I can grab it on the way out. And I shovel spoonfuls in my mouth at every stop light. There are only 4 on the way to school. I have been CHUGGING green tea, yet I still managed to catch a cold 😦

I had a lovely conversation with the people who come to my class about the lack of healthy eating resources on campus. We are the only campus in the Baltimore area without a dietitian.

Picture 002

The mat was ready for some ACTIONNN!

Picture 003

 Post teaching glow?

I decided not to have any food after 9 pm to prevent late night meal eating. I tend to do that a lot just because I feel like it even if I had dinner at 6. I limit myself to water and fruits after 9.

Do you guys have a time where you stop eating for the day?

What day is today?

….. I honestly could not tell you, but apparently its SUNDAY!

Its just one of those days that felt like a Monday or a Tuesday…..

Only 1 day left till the fall semester beings!!! EEEEKS!!! I bought all my books today- that totally broke the bank 😦 But comparing to what my friends pay for college it was really good! Boy am I happy to be living at home :)!!!

The one thing I try to maintain in my life is positive thoughts and feelings. I am proud of the fact I make my self happy when I am down and can come up with solutions when life is not going my way.

The trouble is, what do you do when certain people in your life don’t operate the same way?

Not everyone is born with the same tools- otherwise we would be twins, and that would be no fun. We all have weaknesses and strong qualities that make us the people that we are.

How do I stay mentally strong through common negative thoughts?

1) I am my #1 fan! We all root for the home team in all the major sports, so why not yourself? If you can’t even stand to cheer yourself on in your personal victory who will? CELEBRATE!

Today, I only ate a handful of chips instead of going back for another round I drank a glass of water. GO TEAM SANA!

2) Nobody else cares if you think you look fat in that outfit. I tell myself this 20 times a day!

Seriously, they don’t. We have too much to worry about these days- jobs, the market, our future, our health.

So why waste that time thinking about something that no one else cares about. If they don’t, why should you?

3) I am not able to meet the man/ woman of my dreams because of my weight.

If the statement above were true- then 97.1 million of us would be single and alone. By the looks of things- we all know this is not true. Yes, being at a desired weight does give you confidence to put yourself out there. But its clearly not holding anyone else back. So why you?

This is true for both men and women, females are not the only ones that worry about weight. So cheer on your male friend, boyfriend, husband, brother or dad to go out there and be their personal best. We can all use a fan club 🙂

Weight/ health and fitness are personal goals that should be celebrated! It is NOT ok to restrict your life because you feel fat today.

Celebrate and enjoy every moment in this lovely life we all share together!!

Simply Sana heads back to school!


Healthy living college style:

I am DETERMINED to put an end to my unhealthy college eating habits!


I am 100% in love with my life- despite the not being able to workout at all. I know where I am going to be when I do get back to being healthy. I love my body when I am running, I have never felt more connected to myself.


Its hard to not complain or feel bummed out when my clothes don’t fit or my back hurts. Its not the end of the world, my weight does not take anything away from the amazing person that I am.


Playing tennis is one of my greatest loves- I was in charge of the court! Every point I won was hard fought. I would put everything out on the court- I laughed, I cried, I loved ❤


It is hard to say that about many things in life.


So what is my game plan? In 3 weeks when fasting ends ( I also may end fasting early because I tend to get migraines when I don’t eat all day 😦 ) I will be back to a “normal” eating schedule.

Stay tuned for how I plan on eating!



I have been a busy bee cleaning away!!!

Weekend musings!

The BIG Apple!!!

 Picture 011

Picture 010



Picture 009Picture 008

The daycation to NYC was a blasty 🙂 We could not stay for more that a day because we had things to do on Sunday.

We woke up at 5am and got started on the 3hr and 45 min drive.( I decided not to bring my camera because I wanted to carry all my shopping instead)

 Picture 012

Siblings ❤

I LOVE times square! Its soooo ALIVE. With all different types of people and various shapes and sizes 🙂 Even if you feel like you don’t fit in you just do because you are different. There is something about New York that embraces everyone and their various cultures. Living in a suburb for more than 20 years I am not used to the hustle and bustle of a big city, however I found myself dreaming about living in a city. There is something charming about New York that attracts millions of people. The one thing that I noticed was how well dressed everyone was. I CHOOSE to wear clothes that cover my body and because I am not comfortable in the body that I am due to the weight that I have gained. So I tend to wear baggy and other items without putting much thought in them. Plus most of my cute clothes are in a smaller size and they are too tight to sit in comfortably.


I know that most people would love to have the curves that I do;however , I have an ideal body that I want to have. I don’t feel hopeless because I know right now I have to work on my injury as well as my eating habits. And I am hopeful knowing that at one point not too long ago I was at my ideal weight. I was unable to to maintain it due to getting injured, school, stress and not planning out my meals.


Theses are all situations I need to get better at dealing with because that is a part of life. I will not always have the most perfectly healthy meal handed to me. Nor will the stresses of college life vanish once I graduate. As well as when I get older I won’t always be able to run and take kickboxing classes every single day. Looking back I worked too hard to get myself down to that weight, it was not a lifestyle that I could handle once school started.


Life is a learning process, through the multiple blogs I read, I have been able to pick and choose food items, that I enjoy and are healthy for me. Lets face it, it is impossible to do a 180 on eating habits otherwise it is too easy to revert back to your own ways when they are presented to you in a desperate time. By desperate I mean when you are out shopping and you are starving you will grab the nearest food item, regardless of how healthy it is. And sometimes those options are not there.


I am learned to think for myself when it comes to my eating habits. I can’t allow the food industry to do that for me, otherwise I will end up like the 97.1 million Americans that are currently overweight. My main goal in life is to help others, I can’t do that unless I am helping myself first.


I refuse to feel like a failure because that I am not at the weight that I want to be and because I am not going to medical school right after college. My future is in my hands, and I have to make the choices and the changes that will allow me to get there. I get frustrated when I am unable to find the friends that share the same ideas and values as I do. In my social circle and and at school I do know plenty of people that I am with and they are great people. However, I am not able to find someone that shares the same passions as I do. I try not to spend my life searching for the perfect person, because there is no such thing, every  individual has their own ideas and goals. These will not mesh well with your own. I feel that sometimes I try to “make” my friends just like how I live mine. But I know they are their own person and it is “wrong” of me to do so.


I want to be able to inspire others to live a HEALTHY and FULFILLING  life style with out waiting for it to land in their laps. Sometimes I do feel like I am waiting for my life to start, for it to start going the way hat I want to. But that is in MY control. What I eat, what I wear, what I look like, who I become- thats all me. Our fears are what hold us back, my fear of being alone, and trying something different do hold me back in some aspects. And in due time I will get there. I know myself and I know my potential.


The food that we eat reflect that lifestyle that we lead as individuals. It is not just an act that we do 3 times a day just to get it out of the way. It encompasses our every waking moment. Food gives us the energy to do our daily activities. It gives us a reason to love/hate our bodies, it teaches us the value of sharing and giving, as well as being thankful for all that we have.


We are currently on our way to a festival/ concert at George Mason University!

 I can’t get over how AMAZING these are, I think I ate an entire batch in 2 days!

Picture 015

Things I bought:

Picture 014

Everyone loves a good knock-off deal 🙂

I love jewelry!

Picture 013

Question: Do you feel like you have full filled all of your dreams?