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I am moving to LA…..

I have moved to a new home! Come

join the party at !!!!!


At Fitbloggin I had the pleasure of meeting LA Boxing!

Picture 041

Picture 043We kept contact after Fitbloggin ended and I am now their newest member!

LAboxing So last night I headed out for a 7:45pm class! I have taken kickboxing before but nothing that required actual gloves and a bag….la These are some HEAVY babies! We punched and kicked the evening away!

laaI felt so legit in my gloves!



LA Boxing will be sponsoring my experience for the next 3 months! I will blog weekly about my progress!

What I LOVED about the class:

  • The class was my OWN workout- I never felt pressured to keep up and I could take breaks whenever I wanted to.
  • Great music! It really got me in the mood to jump and get my kick on
  • Personalized attention from the instructor, he moved around the entire time and made sure we were doing the moves correctly.

My instructor did not mind that I was not punching the bag that hard- well I was scared! It was pretty heavy, thankfully my gloves will keep me safe.

So my title did not lie I AM MOVING! Please come join me on my new self-hosted blog SuperSana. I won’t lie I don’t think I have eaten a single blueberrymuffin since I have started this blog.


So head on over to SuperSana for an EXCITING GIVEAWAY!!!!

I am going to the….


Carnival  It was Quadmania this weekend at UMBC!

I am NOT a roller coaster or any kind of a ride person. Prior to last years event the only ride I had ever been on was the merry-go-around…..

With the convincing powers of a certain friend that is a boy I managed to ride the Ferris wheel and the Zipper. I am pretty sure I lost two years of my life.

I also rode something else for the very first time!

Picture 101

Another thing that I am also not is an animal person. Not sure why, but I am pretty terrified of them.

Sooooo I decided to ride one!

Picture 107

Note the VERY terrified face!

Many shenanigans later it was time to make Banana Bread!

Jamescooking Jpizzle and his epic bread pan making skills!

Picture 109

I was seriously impressed, I even managed to break his master piece. I decided I was better off with just standing around and looking pretty.

I however did get to enjoy some super yummie whole grain banana bread!

Picture 113

We rounded off our weekend with a walk to the campus tennis courts

Picture 110

Picture 111

And a mile run around campus with some butt kicking stairs!

Picture 112Meet Baby G! My 21st b-day gift to myself. Now I know I am not a long distance runner but this baby may be the COOLEST thing ever! I have no concept of how far or fast I am going outdoors, so I use it to steadily increase my time and mileage! 

Question: Do you ever buy birthday presents for yourself? If so, what are they?

Taste of the Nation D.C

Last Thursday POM Wonderful hosted a contest for VIP tickets to D.C’s Taste of the Nation! Mission of the event from the website:

“Since 1988, Taste of the Nation has brought together the most creative culinary minds across the nation. Each spring and summer, pioneers of modern American cuisine, national celebrity chefs and mixologists including David Burke, Stephan Pyles, mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim, Bravo’s Top Chef Tom Collichio, Food Network stars Tyler Florence and Emeril Lagasse and thousands more like them donate their time, talent and passion at nearly 40 events across the United States and Canada with one goal in mind: to raise critical funds needed to help end childhood hunger. 100% of supports Share Our Strength’s efforts to end childhood hunger.”

I was more than overjoyed when I was selected as a winner to attend! I hopped on the D.C metro for the FIRST time!

I met up with Quinn ( another winner of the contest and a lovely blogger:) )

We started off the evening at the Volt sponsored  VIP reception

Picture 083 ( Excuse the flash)

Eats from the VIP:

Beet Macaroon with Foie Gras Mousse

Picture 082I can’t say I have ever tasted something like this, it was flakey and sweet!

Picture 080 Volt chefs hard at work!

and I enjoyed the view from above, it was nice to see everything!

Picture 075 The event was at the National Museum Building, which by the end of the evening I was in love with!

We made our way down to the floor for some more eats- I had not eaten anything since lunch at 1:00 and I was good to go ( or so I thought).

Kellari Tavern on camera!

Picture 086

Picture 087

Spinach Pie and Scallop I can’t get over how light and HEALTHY this was!

Most interesting food item of the night award goes to:Firefly

Picture 094 Baby Octopus!

Picture 095 I made a dash for some Lebanese food!

Picture 093

Kababji had some grape leaves stuff with rice!

Picture 091

Picture 074

OccidentalLobster roll, a definite first for me!

Picture 076

Enjoying a Anchovy Tartlet from Proof


Picture 079

Picture 099 Indian food!!! Bombay ClubShrimp with Mango Chutney I grabbed a menu on the way out, I will be stopping there again for sure!

Picture 100 Dessert had to be my FAVORITE part!

PS 7’S Ice cream on a stick HOLY YUM! I need like 5 more of these!

Picture 081

The absolute star of the evening, Georgetown Cupcake

Picture 096

I honestly felt like I had died and gone to heaven! Each bite was light and flavorful.

I dove into the Salted Caramel and I loved every single bite!

Picture 098

We of course had to stop by and drink some POM Wonderful, who made this amazing evening possible!

Picture 097 POM Mocktail- Was so light and refreshing!

Picture 084


I can’t even describe how amazing this evening was, it was a chance for me to taste an assortment of delights that I normally would not!

I am also going to Taste of Catonsville next Monday! And I will be more prepared to tickle my taste buds!

Thanks to POM Wonderful and Quinn for her company/ metro directing skills!

Westside Shelter

For the past two semester I have been volunteering at an off campus homeless shelter. Every Saturday myself and 3-4 other volunteers spend the morning working with the clients. Typically we are there to work on resumes, job searches and bring in positive energy.

Picture 067

Today we decided to plant a garden! This is just the beginning of a project to bring in a catering company to use the vegetables we are going to grow as well as have a healthy diet for the shelter.

Picture 058


Picture 061


Picture 059


Picture 062


Picture 063


 Picture 071

Super sana

( I was clearly working hard)


I was a great way to spend a Saturday morning!


I enjoyed some lovely eats:


Fresh fruits and a Tomato and Mozzarella Panini


Vegetable Biryani

I ended the day with a 5 mile bike ride and 2.5 hours of roller skating!

QUESTION: What projects do you work on in your local community?

145.5 Post-spring break life

Thankfully the weather is all sunny because I am losing my mind….

My baby 🙂

as per usual school is back in full swing. I have 24 credits left to graduate and it’s officially crunch time!

Earlier this week I banged out two miles 😉

Does anyone have attractive kneecaps? Because I sure don’t!

Running is HARD. I want to stop many many many many times. I want to be fast. I want to finish at a set time. I ran two miles in 22 minutes.

This might seem slow, but when I first started running 3 months ago, I could not run for longer than 30 seconds.

I love pushing myself.

When stressed I either cry or run. Sometimes crying wins more than running. It happens.

I love being a runner. It is heart-pumping and majorly kick-ass!

It is the beginning of April and lets see where I am with my weight-loss

Yes, this is my healthy living blog, and a big part of being healthy is being at a healthy weight, so I will be talking in numbers.

( Click to enlarge)

I am freaking proud of myself



Staying healthy in college:

-Share dessert! I always have a friend next to me when I want dessert.

-Make working out a priority. Exams and homework will always be there find time to get your workout in.

-Eat! I eat every 2-4 hours. If you let yourself get too hungry you will settle for an unhealthy choice just to let yourself be full.

I hope everyone is out enjoying this LOVELY weather!!!