Simply Sana heads back to school!


Healthy living college style:

I am DETERMINED to put an end to my unhealthy college eating habits!


I am 100% in love with my life- despite the not being able to workout at all. I know where I am going to be when I do get back to being healthy. I love my body when I am running, I have never felt more connected to myself.


Its hard to not complain or feel bummed out when my clothes don’t fit or my back hurts. Its not the end of the world, my weight does not take anything away from the amazing person that I am.


Playing tennis is one of my greatest loves- I was in charge of the court! Every point I won was hard fought. I would put everything out on the court- I laughed, I cried, I loved ❤


It is hard to say that about many things in life.


So what is my game plan? In 3 weeks when fasting ends ( I also may end fasting early because I tend to get migraines when I don’t eat all day 😦 ) I will be back to a “normal” eating schedule.

Stay tuned for how I plan on eating!



I have been a busy bee cleaning away!!!

3 responses to “Simply Sana heads back to school!

  1. YAAAY schooool! Glad I’ll have another college buddy…haha, we can share notes on how to eat well amidst our crazy schedules!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I understand how college eating can affect things. I can’t wait to read more from you.

  3. thanks for the sweet comment – now I found your blog too! best of luck with fasting, cant wait to read more! =)

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