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What day is today?

….. I honestly could not tell you, but apparently its SUNDAY!

Its just one of those days that felt like a Monday or a Tuesday…..

Only 1 day left till the fall semester beings!!! EEEEKS!!! I bought all my books today- that totally broke the bank 😦 But comparing to what my friends pay for college it was really good! Boy am I happy to be living at home :)!!!

The one thing I try to maintain in my life is positive thoughts and feelings. I am proud of the fact I make my self happy when I am down and can come up with solutions when life is not going my way.

The trouble is, what do you do when certain people in your life don’t operate the same way?

Not everyone is born with the same tools- otherwise we would be twins, and that would be no fun. We all have weaknesses and strong qualities that make us the people that we are.

How do I stay mentally strong through common negative thoughts?

1) I am my #1 fan! We all root for the home team in all the major sports, so why not yourself? If you can’t even stand to cheer yourself on in your personal victory who will? CELEBRATE!

Today, I only ate a handful of chips instead of going back for another round I drank a glass of water. GO TEAM SANA!

2) Nobody else cares if you think you look fat in that outfit. I tell myself this 20 times a day!

Seriously, they don’t. We have too much to worry about these days- jobs, the market, our future, our health.

So why waste that time thinking about something that no one else cares about. If they don’t, why should you?

3) I am not able to meet the man/ woman of my dreams because of my weight.

If the statement above were true- then 97.1 million of us would be single and alone. By the looks of things- we all know this is not true. Yes, being at a desired weight does give you confidence to put yourself out there. But its clearly not holding anyone else back. So why you?

This is true for both men and women, females are not the only ones that worry about weight. So cheer on your male friend, boyfriend, husband, brother or dad to go out there and be their personal best. We can all use a fan club 🙂

Weight/ health and fitness are personal goals that should be celebrated! It is NOT ok to restrict your life because you feel fat today.

Celebrate and enjoy every moment in this lovely life we all share together!!