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I have no shame…

I drove to Costco for the sole purpose of having free samples for lunch.

Ravioli ( drenched in olive oil) X2
Raspberry pastry
Veggie Chili
Almond Butter
Sun chips!

I also bought some Chobani 12 pack for 11.49!

I also bought some Tabouli which I had for lunch part 2 with some rice and roasted potatoes

I have a happy belly 🙂

Yesterday while I was sitting in the chair of boredom aka the Dentist

I was really craving a Panera sammie

Enter the love of my life.

All 610 delish calories.  They mainly come from the bread- which I will have switched the next time I get this

Have a look-see:

I really want to make my own healthy version but can anyone help me find zesty peppadew piquant peppers?

On to some school  stuff I am totally in a bummed out mood. I spend so much time and energy studying and I always end up with terrible grades. I try not to let my grades define me but it does make me sad. There are only 44 credits standing in the way of me and a B.S in Biochemistry.
I had a really hard semester- lots of tears. I dropped a classes.  But some good points I got a few really high grades-but in the end they did not help.
I know I can make it these next 3 semester- I will continue to work hard regardless of how crappy my grades are.

I do have some exciting things coming up:

  • I am blogging for UMBCeats as a healthy living blogger.

  • I am in touch with the FDA with a possible job/ internship

  • I am going to continue to teach ab crunch at UMBC

  • I will continue my internship with the UMBC Shriver Center at a local homeless shelter.  We are planning to grow a garden- so that they can add FRESH veggies and herbs to their meals. We are going to use these seeds to keep up around biodiversity. I also plan on getting free composted soil from the county.

  • I am also talking to a few professors on campus to do some Public Health Research in the Spring.

  • Co-writing Public Health Roll we are planning on re-launching in Feb

I listed out all these things mainly for myself, even when things are looking bad. I do have a lot going for myself. I pride myself in taking the initiative in whatever project/ job I am doing. I hope this carries me through to my future.

Most importantly I will try my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle- with that I am going to head to the gym.

Hopefully I will feel better about myself. If not, there is always tomorrow.

Where have I been?

I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

Yeah, that is what I would like to call finals week.

And then along came snOMG 2009

We got a total of 20 inches- this is the most snow many of us have ever seen. You should have heard all of my friends yapping away that this blizzard did not compare to the one in 1996.

Sigh I suddenly feel old.

Finals week is not a week of model eating.  There may have been take out orders for pizza, wings, subs and yeah…….

Thankfully my mom packed a delish and veggie filled lunch

Otherwise my mouth may not have seen some for a while.

I am officially done for the semester as of the 22nd and I don’t start up again till the 27th of January.

1 WHOLE month of freedom!

What will I ever do with all this time?

In exactly 1 year I will be applying to graduate school for a masters in Public Health- so I am going to start studying for the GRE which I will most likely take in the summer

I am not amazing at standardized testing so the more studying I get in the better!

I will still be teaching ab crunch at the UMBC gym twice a week- I still need to order new music. Any fitness instructors out there with good music sites? I use John Sines – they are great except I like to custom make my CD’s with the songs I like. But I am not too sure where I would get that done.


So in good news I feel 89% better from my lower spine injury. I can defiantly feel my injury spot- I don’t think it will ever be 100% better but this is sooo much better.

So what is my game plan?

Well this is what Mr. Elliptical Machine had to say:

And so I did!

I stuck with the Gluteal Program:

Minutes 1-7 I was at crossramp 4 and resistance 1

7-12 I moved the resistance to level 2

12-15 I cranked it up to level 3

I stopped to stretch out my hamstrings and quads.

I hopped back on for another 15 minutes repeating the format.

I also wanted to work on some abs and I grabbed my favorite buddy and crunched away for a set of 10!

I wrapped up my light workout with a 30 sec plank and some weights (5lbs) I really did not want to over do it after being out of the gym for so long.

So far everything feels good I am going to pretty much add gradually as I go along.

It sounds like a great plan to me.

I am just happy to be out sweating.  Speaking of which I am taking my first Bikram yoga class on the 7th I plan on hydrating well and figuring out what to wear in the time being. The studio near my house has a 10 consecutive day trial pass for $25 I plan on trying it out with some of my friends.

I have never done any sort of yoga before and I plan on letting the instructor know about my injury- so I won’t do anything to hurt it.

I am also working on applying to several internships and on that I am really excited for takes place in Switzerland!


The application along with a 500 word essay about why I plan on having a future in the health and aging field is due on the 15th. I am super nervous about applying but it will be an exciting opportunity. Even if I don’t get in I am still happy to apply- I am not the type of person that does new things like traveling ect. I am happy staying at home. But I don’t want to miss out on an amazing opportunity.
*WHEW* Stay tuned for part 2 of what I have been up too!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday 🙂

Check out my guest post !!


My life for the next few weeks screen shot style?

Yes, it’s THAT time of the year.

No not spring break.


Sana’s guide to finals week:

  1. Buy a pack of brightly colored Post-its the size of your face.

2. Find the smelliest pen you own. Trust me this works.

3. Get rid of distraction. AKA turn off Facebook and Twitter

4. Gettt crackinggg!

I am super paranoid about getting sick so last night I thought my throat was feeling off so I chugged some green tea.

I also had every intention of going to the gym but I decided to eat a veggie filled dinner instead. Same thing, right?

  • Basmati rice
  • Lentils
  • Spinach with cheese sooo yum!
  • Green beans with tomatoes


I keep reminding myself I don’t need a lot of food to be full and its wokringggg!!!!

This morning I woke up to………………………


To celebrate I stayed home and enjoyed my TJ goodies :)!

I lovee to make Indian pizza with this spread, but you can also add it to rice 🙂


With a non drenched salad I was a happy girl!

❤ Feataaa!

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend! I am going to spend the rest of mine cracking the books!

Question: Do you ever wake up excited to eat something? If so, what is it?

The good always comes with the bad…

…. So for the past 10 months I have been suffering with a fracture in my lower  vertabre.

I have not been exercising at all, other than teaching abs class twice a week I don’t step foot in the gym. This coming from the girl who would go twice a day! I used to have friends at the local gym. The employees used to know me by name!

I feel so BLAH! My clothes are tight, I am super stiff in my back all the time. I spend a lot of time feeling sorry for myself. I feel miserable when something falls to the ground and I have to bend down to pick it up. It just hurts so bad.

Being in college I spend so much time sitting, this might be part of the problem but I have a hard time getting up and walking around.

Parking is a huge issue for me, all the nearby spaces fill up quickly and its a painful trek just to walk back up the hill. Yes, my campus is located on Hilltop Circle. One day I was so fed up I parked on an unpaid meter spot and got a $20.00 fine.

Where can I get a temporary handicap tag?

But, when I feel sorry for myself, I usually solve my problems with extra snacking. The last thing you want to do at that point is to think about what you are eating.

This week I decided no more feeling sorry for myself. I was going to start each day with a bowl of OATMEAL!

Picture 001

Yes, my mommy still makes my breakfast and leaves it by the door so I can grab it on the way out. And I shovel spoonfuls in my mouth at every stop light. There are only 4 on the way to school. I have been CHUGGING green tea, yet I still managed to catch a cold 😦

I had a lovely conversation with the people who come to my class about the lack of healthy eating resources on campus. We are the only campus in the Baltimore area without a dietitian.

Picture 002

The mat was ready for some ACTIONNN!

Picture 003

 Post teaching glow?

I decided not to have any food after 9 pm to prevent late night meal eating. I tend to do that a lot just because I feel like it even if I had dinner at 6. I limit myself to water and fruits after 9.

Do you guys have a time where you stop eating for the day?

I have a confession…

….I cry my eyeballs out while watching Grey’s.

I feel like doing a life update post- mostly for myself.  My life feels like a non-stop amazing movie. I want to have some place to put it all down. Some place where I can see this- and fall in love with it over and over again.

I am healthy ( relative term), alive and happy. It blows my mind that I get to be in school, and learn and experience love and friendships. 

My classes are CRAZY hard- I have two exams and a 8-10 page story to work on. Being in 400-level classes is AMAZING. First of all, am I allowed to be taking these classes? I love learning about the biochemistry of our bodies.

I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around all the chemical processes that happen in our bodies. They are all the same. For every single one of us. All I have to say is that we are amazing human beings.

College is said to be the BEST time of your life, does that mean being an old lady and falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow?

That is basically what my life has been like.

I am in love with my internship.


Me and my LOVELY volunteers at a charity auction- one of the best nights of my life by far 🙂

There is sooo much that has been going on in my life for the past month- I can’t even write it down because its a big blur.

We had our holiday EID which was filled with yummies and more yummieseid


As you can tell, it was a blasty!

In my next post I will be talking about my injury and how my college eating habits are going.

Night night!

Eating Machine!!!

…….OH BOY! What hit me this weekend?

I was one busy bee this weekend, eating away- I don’t even have pics b/c it all went into my food wayyy too fast! Mindless weekend eating is something else! Between my mom’s homemade meals and birthday desserts I sure did enjoy myself 🙂

Except for the part where I ate MOLDY guacamole for two days!!! BLAH! For being so paranoid about expired food I can’t believe I missed the GIANT white/blue patch of mold 😦 Thankfully I feel fine- you live and learn.

But like every fun weekend there is always a mindful eating week to follow!

I woke up this morning with a slightly scratchy throat and nasal congestion, this is NORMAL for me with the change of the seasons coming up here is Maryland. So, I am not worried about swine flu 😦 I have been CHUGGING green tea in hopes of feeling better ASAP!

Picture 012

It’s hard to get out of school and work while being sick, but as long as I am not running a temperature I am ok, even if I do feel crappy all day.

So far so good with bringing food from home! My main problem was not being able to keep it cool all day while I was in class or at work. But I have been using ice packs and its good to go!

Picture 013

The eats:

  • Grapes
  • strawberries
  • Pasta w/ low fat caesar salad dressing
  • Salmon burger!!! (12.99 for 12 at costco)

The HIGHLIGHT of my weekend was a trip to COSTCO!!! OMG the weekend is an amazing time to go, soooo many free samples 🙂

I am only at the 1/2 way point in my day, I still have to teach my abs class. I teach twice a week for 25 minutes a day. It is great to still teach even with an injury 🙂Picture 014

I have a basic set ab routine, but I am always trying to add new moves. My biggest problem with doing crunches is the neck strain- so I try to do  a lot of moves that don’t hurt that area. Planks, seated twists ect. Personally I like doing my ab workout on the BIG ball, however there are not enough for the 40+ people that come to class.

Does anyone else feel pain while doing a basic crunch?

I also have trouble planning for the rest of the day eating wise.

I ate my lunch at 12:30.

Currently its 2:52, I have 4.5 hours left to my day. I would like to have some kind of a snack with me, I forgot my soy chips 😦 I am skipping yogurt while being sick, cold dairy is not the best when you are congested.

I may buy a vegan cookie to take with me while I am in class or a Nature Valley Honey and Oats Bar :)- Love those things, even if the tend to crumble all over me. I HAVE to have something to eat during my 2 hour biochem lecture. I can’t focus if my tummy is going * grumble grumble*!

Its’s funny, sometimes in life there is nothing that is going too wrong, or nothing super exciting- it is nice to be at an even pace in life. Its like the calm before the storm and you know that something is coming. My semester is off to a start, I know what I need to do to study and do well in my classes- it honestly is a matter of it all coming together.


I went out to dinner with a group of friends after my late night class, its just say I LOVE this place- I STUFFED my face!!!! Mainwand Kabob is an Afgani Kabob place.

beef_kabob( picture from website) I ate too fast to photograph 🙂

Campus Life

The non traditional way.

As most students go away to college, I live at home. This is for several reasons: financially-it is much cheaper to live at home when you live ten minutes away from campus. Traditionally– in most Indian/Muslim families the unmarried females live at home until they get married. Dietary- I eat halal meat which is basically like Kosher meat, so its easier to get food at home. ( not like I spend much time at home anyways)

The negatives of living on campus are that you have a limited social life as well as freedom to drink and party. Lucky for me those factors don’t come into play for me. I have an uncanny ability to make friends with pretty much anyone that I meet. Through classes, work and clubs I have been able to make friends. And for the latter part, I don’t drink or party so limited freedom works well for me.

If I ever need a place to say after a long night of studying I have friends that let me crash at their place 🙂

And truthfully this lifestyle works for me, I have thought about living on campus my senior year if I get the RA position which pays for room and board.

At school I am pretty busy with classes and 3 jobs. Yes, I said three, but they don’t take up too much away from studying time.

Internship: Friday: 12-1 and Saturday: 9-12

Abs class( I stopped teaching cardio because of my back 😦 ) : Tu and Th 4:30-5

Book store  cashier( just for the first 2-3 weeks of school I am trying to save up money for a car?): I just interviewed for this position so I am not sure when I will be working but, its not for too long so I will be free when my classes start to get harder.

^ Its really not THAT bad 🙂

I just ate lunch at my on campus deli- they make fresh sandwiches.

On white bead I got:

  • Provolone cheese
  • 1/2 scoop of tuna
  • lettuce
  • tomato
  • bannana peppers
  • olives
  • feta cheese
  • a handful of chips 😦 – I love something salty and crunch with tuna)


– The man making my sandwich goes ” wow you have more veggies than sandwich!” Sana: “Its better that way!” Hehe.

The reason I have is this blog is to share my life experiences, thoughts and feelings with others. I would love to meet more of you. So if you are visiting my site ( so far 132 of you have) leave a comment or your blog address! I would love to read other blogs and get to know more of you :)!