I am going to the….


Carnival  It was Quadmania this weekend at UMBC!

I am NOT a roller coaster or any kind of a ride person. Prior to last years event the only ride I had ever been on was the merry-go-around…..

With the convincing powers of a certain friend that is a boy I managed to ride the Ferris wheel and the Zipper. I am pretty sure I lost two years of my life.

I also rode something else for the very first time!

Picture 101

Another thing that I am also not is an animal person. Not sure why, but I am pretty terrified of them.

Sooooo I decided to ride one!

Picture 107

Note the VERY terrified face!

Many shenanigans later it was time to make Banana Bread!

Jamescooking Jpizzle and his epic bread pan making skills!

Picture 109

I was seriously impressed, I even managed to break his master piece. I decided I was better off with just standing around and looking pretty.

I however did get to enjoy some super yummie whole grain banana bread!

Picture 113

We rounded off our weekend with a walk to the campus tennis courts

Picture 110

Picture 111

And a mile run around campus with some butt kicking stairs!

Picture 112Meet Baby G! My 21st b-day gift to myself. Now I know I am not a long distance runner but this baby may be the COOLEST thing ever! I have no concept of how far or fast I am going outdoors, so I use it to steadily increase my time and mileage! 

Question: Do you ever buy birthday presents for yourself? If so, what are they?

6 responses to “I am going to the….

  1. YAY I am so happy that you like it!

    I am so jealous!!!!!! I always wanted to ride a elephant!

  2. I love your face when you’re on the elephant! Too funny! I would freak out too! In India, I had a random guy come up to me in the street with his elephant. He asked me if I wanted to ride it for 20 rupees haha! I said no, but I wish I had said yes!

    Happy Birthday!! When is it?! I buy myself gifts all the time 🙂 I’m a brat!

  3. I’ve never bought a bday present for myself, but I totally gifted myself the same Garmin for Christmas!

  4. So jealous of Carnival AND your GARMIN. Super exciting.

  5. That elephant looks so sad 😦
    But that Garmin is just beatiful…I think I am going to cave tonight…hahaha

  6. I’m not going to lie..carnivals freak me out, especially all the rides! Looks like you had fun, though!

    I would love a Garmin..hope you enjoy using it. I’ve heard great things from other runners. It’s really a useful training tool.

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