The return of the blogger…

I have no shame.

I am a super slacker blogger.

 I can’t promise that I will ever be a consistent blogger. Oh well.

Life recap?

NYC bus tripppp!

My friends and I decided to take the bus up to NYC . I LOVE the city, the life, the energy it’s all amazing!

Walking around in Times Square

I saw my FIRST broadway! It was soooooo AMAZING

MAJOR LOVEEE!!!! I can’t wait to go see another one!

I had great company while watching the broadway

My friend Bobby loves all things music and we had a great time- he made sure I did not get mugged or lost in NY. ( Ladies he is single 😉 Heheh!)

I had the pleasure of meeting several lovely ladies at last weekends MD/ DC blogger meet up!

I had the pleasure of meeting:


And a special thanks to Lauren for setting this all up!

We all met up at the Great Sage 

For dinner I ordered the ‘lasgana’

This would have tasted great with some pasta!  Eggplant ❤

For dessert I ordered this baby. Major love allllllll the way 🙂

I could go back for round 2 , 3 or 4…..

Between school, research, interning, working out and volunteering, I am not too sure how I find time to sleep.

I have been taking some late night trips to the gym for some sweat sessions.

The company makes it all worthwhile

😉 I have been consistently running a mile in 10:50 ( non-stop). Running is HARD I have to mentally talk myself through it all.

It also has me ending my days with the following. Yes, I ice my knees next to a space heater. I have a giveaway coming up this week related to the pic. Any guesses? No you can’t have the space heater.

This week a few students and I had the chance to help out at a visual acuity screening at an inner Baltimore City school. We were working with some of the most adorable 3-4 year olds. I want to take all of them home…

And just incase I was already not busy enough my mom and sister decided to throw me a pre-birthday party. My actual birthday is not till the 31st…

Pretty in Pink!

Me and my friend from high school

We rounded off the weekend with my other friends (actual) 22nd birthday at P.F Changs down by the inner harbor.

*whew* I have been a busy girl!

I won’t be offeneded if you did not make it to the end. Come back next time for a fun giveaway!

Go out and enjoy this AMAZING this weather!

14 responses to “The return of the blogger…

  1. Hi Sana…what a great recap! NYC is alwasy a fabulous place to visit. If I could somehow get my lazy husband to move out of LA, NYC would definitely be where we’d go!

    Happy Birthday in advance! Love your hot pink skirt!!

  2. omg I have the same exact pic with ice on my legs! but my ice packs were lower on my shins! i feel like such an athlete hahaha

    ohhhh your blog meet up sounds like a lot of fun and also you look so pretty in that dress for your pre bday party!

    and hmmm why are you not dating bobby? he is a cutie! got on that hahahaha

  3. Welcome back!! Can’t wait to meet you in less than two weeks!!!

  4. omg totally jealous that you went to NYC! i LOVE it there, but have only been once for 3 days. i need to go back! smart idea with the space heater + ice, i always shiver so hard when i ice, i feel like the muscle contractions defeat the purpose of icing lol. fun blogger meetup!

  5. Yes, I’m going to FitBloggin’! Will you be there? I’d love to say hello! 🙂

  6. Nothing wrong with slacking! I’m a total slacker when it comes to blogging too!
    My guess for the giveaway: ice? Ice packs? Ice might be hard to ship, so I’m going with ice packs lol.
    That looks like a great little pre-birthday party!

  7. you look BEAUTIFUL!!

  8. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    i made it to the end hehe! and i’m glad you have ben living life- no worries with the blogging happens for the best of us! you and your friend look gorgeous in that picture- i love the hot pink!!


  9. You look SO PRETTY in pink 🙂
    Looks like you’ve been having fun out there in the world!

  10. you HAVE been busy!! but it looks like you have been having A LOT of fun! xoxo

  11. Wow, you have been busy but it looks like a lot of fun stuff. So jealous you got to meet so many great bloggers!

  12. I’m SO behind on my blog reading but blogger meetup? Majorly jealous! Let’s plan another one this spring/summer (aka when I’m back haha).

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