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Small size me

Many times we go out to eat we never get to request a portion size. Unless we are at Starbucks and have to give our order in odd sizes.

How does tall=small? Beats me.

I love Chipotle. It is just so freaking amazing, I have to admit I can chow down this bad boy[ Source]

We won’t get into calories- but we all know it’s not pretty. The other day I was having some serious Chipotle hankering. I did not want to eat that monstrosity. I could- but it’s not something I like to make a habit of.

So I decided to get a mini! I asked for 1 soft taco with all the fixings I would normally get!

Yes, this was a fraction of the cost and size. But most importantly it did the trick! I was full- and I did not over eat. Which I would have done had I eaten an entire burrito.

Lesson of the day: Create your own size, don’t be afraid to ask for less. you will thank yourself.

So I have been on a serious Tabouli kick. Aka I have been adding it to everything in sight.

Case and point:

I am just going to have to hit up Costco for some more 🙂

I have also been giving myself a few treats every night. I love sweets but when I allow myself to have some everyday I don’t over eat.

I had my first Cliff bar- and it was delish! The prefect pre-workout snack! I was worried that it would be too sweet but that was not the case at all.

Other treats include magic bars aka evil bars

They are sooo good- I just can’t get enough. Pure evil.

Sana’s Skim delight

1/2 a packet of hot chocolate

1 cup skim milk

It’s the perfect way to end a day!

Ab tip of the day:

-Many people complain that doing a basic crunch on the floor hurts their neck.

To deal with this I recommend doing the crunch on a ball.

Or you could be me and have fun bouncing on it.

But don’t fall off, or hurt yourself in this process.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

Life is all about choices.

You can choose to be


glass half empty or glass half full. Speaking of which I need to remember to drink more water…

You can also choose to eat the same thing for breakfast every day of the week

because it is so freakin’ yum.

You can choose to eat dahl( lentils) and hummus together

because they are basically cousins.

You can chose to put your plate away at a dinner party

to stop yourself from getting a 2nd helping.

But you can instead choose get dessert

and take sketchy pictures of it in the dark.

You can also choose to skip working out for the day because you don’t feel like showering again.

Life is all about the choices that we make.

What will you choose to do today?

And the winner is….

You are just going to have to scroll to the bottom to find out!

I had a headache last night so I took my time getting up and missed the D.C blogger meet up. I was super bummed.

I cheered myself up with Strawberry Chobani!

w/ granola. I could eat this every single day! Maybe.

Today I was not in the mood to workout. I just wanted to curl up and get back into bed. But I decided to just go for 30 mins. And if I hated it I would come back.

I kept with Elliptical Challenge 2010 and cranked out a fast 15 mins!

Today Ms. Matchy-matchy was no where to be found. Maybe she was off shopping for another outfit?

So I was left with Mr. Under Armour.

And we had at it.

Pedaling away on the seated bike. I won. Of course!

I finished my 30 mins and booked it home for some un pictured pita chips and hummus. Basically the best thing on Earth.

My mom and I hit up the mall. She had some gifts to buy so I tagged along. I am not big on shopping these days. I don’t want to try fitting into some new clothes- I have plenty at home to do so.

I did have some important business to take care of. I am a member of the Godiva Rewards Club and I wanted to go in and get my FREE chocolate of the month. Boy was I excited!

I of course wanted everything!

But I settled for the Milk Chocolate Truffle

I split it in half with my mom.  And it was worth every bite. We already know what we want next month 🙂

Shopping has to be a workout! Between dodging all the pushy kiosk sellers and sprinting past all the slow people that stop to look at e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I was pooped when I made it home.

I came home and made a TJ special

Spinach and Chive pasta with a slightly healthier version of Tj’s Alfredo sauce.

I am a happy girl 🙂

For the rest of the night I will have some tea and grapes w/ Chobani if I feel snacky.

And now to the moment you have all been waiting for!

The winner is: lowandbhold

“Oh I loooove Chobani! Yay for your first giveaway!

Safety and good to me is family.”

-Please e-mail me at supersana786 [at] gmail [dot] com with your full name and mailing address!

Thank you all for entering my giveaway it was nice to read all of your symbols of good and safety

They had me at free towels…

* Don’t forget to enter my Chobani Giveaway*

I hope everyone is having a lovely first day of the year- I know am!

Last night I went out to dinner with my family to my favorite Afghan Kabob place.

Usually I can kill two beef kabob’s but this time I opted to bring some TJ’s Risotto that I had made earlier.

It was pretty easy to make- I will be for sure bringing it to school with me for an easy lunch.

The risotto was front and center, I only ate 3 pieces of chicken along with some of the salad and rice. I always get my food in a take out container, that way if I don’t want to eat everything I can box it up and take it home. And that is exactly what I did.

To round up my New Year’s Eve I toasted with some delish and much needed hot chocolate as my family and I huddled by the heater- waiting for a certain ball to drop.

I only used 1/2 the packet w/ skim milk. I plan on using the rest tonight 🙂

I started 2010 off with a BANG!

Or as you all might see it as the most boring breakfast ever….

Organic granola with Fat free milk

Judge me all you want. It was super yum!

Truthfully I am not awake enough to come up with some bright, fruity and creative combination. I just try to get something in.

I hit up the gym for the first workout 2010! I felt fabulouss! Lady Gaga also joined in a few times….

Other than working up a sweat there are a few reasons why I loveee going to the gym.

1) Fluffy white towels and cups of ice water!

I am obsessed with ice. I love it. But the towels are key- I love being able to wipe my face- because I sweat buckets. I also take some home by accident… Although today I saw someone sneeze into their towel. Then I started to wonder if someone had sneezed into the towel I was rubbing my face with. I wish I had not see that.

2) Getting to read my gym-only-book.

My rule with this book is that I can only read this while at the gym- it makes my workout fly by! In fact I don’t even bring the book inside my house form the car- this way I am not tempted to cheat.

3) Ms. Matchy-Matchy in her pink Nike gear. You know who I am talking about. The one person at the gym who makes all of us look like lazy bums in our sloppy workout gear.

(No pic, it would be far too creepy)

Basically when I get to the gym I scope out the field for the best dressed person. And then I beat them. Motivation. Gotta get it from somewhere.

I was starving so I raced home for some whole wheat pita with spinach and squash.

Clearly that was not enough food because I was starving an hour later.

Dinner was brown basmati rice and bbq glazed Tilapia. My mom outdid herself tonight!

So yummiee! I ate about 1/2 of that!

I am off to go drink some green tea and have hot chocolate for dessert!

What motivates you at the gym?

Where have I been?

I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

Yeah, that is what I would like to call finals week.

And then along came snOMG 2009

We got a total of 20 inches- this is the most snow many of us have ever seen. You should have heard all of my friends yapping away that this blizzard did not compare to the one in 1996.

Sigh I suddenly feel old.

Finals week is not a week of model eating.  There may have been take out orders for pizza, wings, subs and yeah…….

Thankfully my mom packed a delish and veggie filled lunch

Otherwise my mouth may not have seen some for a while.

I am officially done for the semester as of the 22nd and I don’t start up again till the 27th of January.

1 WHOLE month of freedom!

What will I ever do with all this time?

In exactly 1 year I will be applying to graduate school for a masters in Public Health- so I am going to start studying for the GRE which I will most likely take in the summer

I am not amazing at standardized testing so the more studying I get in the better!

I will still be teaching ab crunch at the UMBC gym twice a week- I still need to order new music. Any fitness instructors out there with good music sites? I use John Sines – they are great except I like to custom make my CD’s with the songs I like. But I am not too sure where I would get that done.


So in good news I feel 89% better from my lower spine injury. I can defiantly feel my injury spot- I don’t think it will ever be 100% better but this is sooo much better.

So what is my game plan?

Well this is what Mr. Elliptical Machine had to say:

And so I did!

I stuck with the Gluteal Program:

Minutes 1-7 I was at crossramp 4 and resistance 1

7-12 I moved the resistance to level 2

12-15 I cranked it up to level 3

I stopped to stretch out my hamstrings and quads.

I hopped back on for another 15 minutes repeating the format.

I also wanted to work on some abs and I grabbed my favorite buddy and crunched away for a set of 10!

I wrapped up my light workout with a 30 sec plank and some weights (5lbs) I really did not want to over do it after being out of the gym for so long.

So far everything feels good I am going to pretty much add gradually as I go along.

It sounds like a great plan to me.

I am just happy to be out sweating.  Speaking of which I am taking my first Bikram yoga class on the 7th I plan on hydrating well and figuring out what to wear in the time being. The studio near my house has a 10 consecutive day trial pass for $25 I plan on trying it out with some of my friends.

I have never done any sort of yoga before and I plan on letting the instructor know about my injury- so I won’t do anything to hurt it.

I am also working on applying to several internships and on that I am really excited for takes place in Switzerland!


The application along with a 500 word essay about why I plan on having a future in the health and aging field is due on the 15th. I am super nervous about applying but it will be an exciting opportunity. Even if I don’t get in I am still happy to apply- I am not the type of person that does new things like traveling ect. I am happy staying at home. But I don’t want to miss out on an amazing opportunity.
*WHEW* Stay tuned for part 2 of what I have been up too!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday 🙂

Check out my guest post !!


My life for the next few weeks screen shot style?

Yes, it’s THAT time of the year.

No not spring break.


Sana’s guide to finals week:

  1. Buy a pack of brightly colored Post-its the size of your face.

2. Find the smelliest pen you own. Trust me this works.

3. Get rid of distraction. AKA turn off Facebook and Twitter

4. Gettt crackinggg!

I am super paranoid about getting sick so last night I thought my throat was feeling off so I chugged some green tea.

I also had every intention of going to the gym but I decided to eat a veggie filled dinner instead. Same thing, right?

  • Basmati rice
  • Lentils
  • Spinach with cheese sooo yum!
  • Green beans with tomatoes


I keep reminding myself I don’t need a lot of food to be full and its wokringggg!!!!

This morning I woke up to………………………


To celebrate I stayed home and enjoyed my TJ goodies :)!

I lovee to make Indian pizza with this spread, but you can also add it to rice 🙂


With a non drenched salad I was a happy girl!

❤ Feataaa!

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend! I am going to spend the rest of mine cracking the books!

Question: Do you ever wake up excited to eat something? If so, what is it?

Getting back on the wagon!


This week has been something else. I avoid drama in my life but for some reason it seems to find me. But I have found that as the older I get- there is less and less of it in my life.

So I decided to get a head start on the New Years Resolutioners- because my holidays are over for the year 🙂

What exactly is my plan? I am not aiming to lose XYZ amount of pounds. I just want to stop the mindless eating that I have been doing.

What is mindless?
Eating for the sake of eating and NOT because I am hungry.

My general plan of action is green tea or freshly squeezed OJ for my first food intake of the day. I don’t say breakfast b/c this is usually between the hours of (8am-12) on any given day.

I usually toss in a Special K bar in as well.

For lunch I bring leftovers from dinner with me to campus.

  • Basmati Rice
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach and cheese
  • Chicken with tomato

Yummie in my bellyyyy!

And then for Dinner I grab something from school. Usually I grab an burrito or a quesadilla. But I decided to try out the salad bar:

Ceaser Salad

  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Mushrooms
  • Spicy olives? the were gross I did not eat them
  • Cheesee!

So this place made the salad for me like mixing it all up, and I did not like that. I don’t want it soaked- blah:(

Along with a bottle of water this is the perfect amount of food to fill me up for a day.

I always forget this little tit bit. I don’t NEED a lot of food to be full.

On a side note- I started to ride a seated stationary bike ( with my back brace) THIS IS TOUGH!!!!

But I am determined to find a workout plan that works for m<e while being injured- because I took full advantage of the holidays and my efforts are showing!!!

Off to watch an enjoyable TV night- Grey’s ❤

The most important meal of the day

B-fast! The meal that is supposed to be between 6 am and 12 pm. Anything after that is called brunch.

My relationship or lack there of with breakfast, started years ago, I recall being very young and not eating anything before going to school in the morning. I would be nervous and not want to eat anything. That still happens to me today. I just can’t eat anything in the morning if I am going somewhere. If I am going to be home, I am usually alright with morning eating. I don’t know why this happens but it is the way I am. Just the thought of having food in the early morning makes me gag. There are a few things I did to deal with this, I ate outside, in front of the TV or alone in a room. I don’t feel like this was an eating problem, because I was fine eating at other times of the day. So, to deal with this problem I skipped breakfast all together.

Not for long! I am determined to put an end to this 🙂 There is nothing physically stopping me from enjoying the most important meal of the day.

I need the energy to get a jump start my day, especially with school right around the corner. Also, this fall which starts flu season for me, it is imperative that I stay HEALTHY to fight infections. I usually start getting sick as soon as the weather changes until spring. Its a major stink, but what can I do?

The only thing I know how, give my body the nutrients it needs to be as strong as possible 🙂

Today was not a true test of my breakfast eating because I was going to be home all day, I am off from work today. But better late then never.

The morning ( by morning I mean shortly before 12, yes I am a college kid)eats:

Picture 003

Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with Costco??? The blueberry cereal is to DIE for!

Picture 004

I switched over to fat free milk about a year ago, while the rest of my family drinks low fat. However, we were out of fat free so it was low fat for me.

and a lovely side of mango smoothie 🙂

Picture 002

  • Fat free milk
  • Fat free Vanilla yogurt
  • Ice!

Happy blending 🙂

This is what I would like to eat for breakfast, when I do have to go out for the day however, I know myself and baby steps are the key. I am determined to have something everyday. It might not be something that is a b-fast meal worthy. But I will give me the energy and nutrients that I need.


For years exercising has been my drug of choice. I need my ENDORPHINS. I am one sad girly 🙂

Letter to myself:

Dear Sana,

I know you are unhappy with your weight and back injury. But it is more rewarding to be healthy and injury-free. I know you can do this! Focus on your eating habits, this is not an overnight process. But over the next few months you will see yourself change. You are a beautiful person inside and out and this will be a true test for you.


Your #1 fan and loving self ❤

I love blogging with music 🙂 Song of post: Goodbye by Kristina DeBarge

Happy blogging 🙂

QUESTION: What are some healthy and on-the-go b-fast ideas?

Sometimes I just “forget” to eat.

Don’t you?

The problem with summer is that I don’t have a set schedule, this also goes for any other time of the year. But mainly summer.

Today was a classic example.

8:20- Shower/ rush to a 9am exam.

9:00-12:00- Exam, I brought grapes to munch on, because there is nothing worse than the sound of grumbling in a silent lecture hall.

I got home around 12:00 and between talking to my mom, e-mailing and cleaning my desk and I just forgot to eat!

Enter 4:00pm I NEEDED FOOD

Enter lunch 🙂

Picture 004

What have we here?

Picture 005

Leftovers ❤ Everything really does taste better the next day!

  • Brown rice
  • Lentils and Indian Squash
  • SALMON ( I used to dislike this fish with a passion, now I eat it about 3 times a month.

Picture 007

I stuffed my face! This is what happens when you don’t eat on time.

I like to drink water with my meals because it helps when I am eating  spicy food!

Picture 006

I just started taking vitamins after I found out that I had a fracture, this might help speed up the healing process?

I need to look more into the benefits of taking vitamins, I would prefer to get to form the foods I eat.

My sister and I decided to hit up  the mall for some shopping!Picture 002

Let’s just say I have figured out Victoria’s secret- its expensive!

Grabbed a Tomato and Mozzarella

Picture 004

There has to be a direct link with shopping and food- I am ALWAYS starving after hitting up the mall.

So, we are headed up to NY for the day tomorrow so I grabbed a read for the long ridePicture 001

and some snacks!

Picture 006

The goods:

  • My very FIRST larabar ( apple pie)
  • Eggplant& Garlic spread
  • Whole wheat pretzels

Who needs a bf when you have got TJ’s ❤

Is only 9pm and I am ready to call it a night, we are hitting to road at 5 am tomorrow, so I have to call it an early night.

QUESTION: Do you bring snacks along on a trip? If so, what are they?

Night Night bloggies!