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I have no shame…

I drove to Costco for the sole purpose of having free samples for lunch.

Ravioli ( drenched in olive oil) X2
Raspberry pastry
Veggie Chili
Almond Butter
Sun chips!

I also bought some Chobani 12 pack for 11.49!

I also bought some Tabouli which I had for lunch part 2 with some rice and roasted potatoes

I have a happy belly 🙂

Yesterday while I was sitting in the chair of boredom aka the Dentist

I was really craving a Panera sammie

Enter the love of my life.

All 610 delish calories.  They mainly come from the bread- which I will have switched the next time I get this

Have a look-see:

I really want to make my own healthy version but can anyone help me find zesty peppadew piquant peppers?

On to some school  stuff I am totally in a bummed out mood. I spend so much time and energy studying and I always end up with terrible grades. I try not to let my grades define me but it does make me sad. There are only 44 credits standing in the way of me and a B.S in Biochemistry.
I had a really hard semester- lots of tears. I dropped a classes.  But some good points I got a few really high grades-but in the end they did not help.
I know I can make it these next 3 semester- I will continue to work hard regardless of how crappy my grades are.

I do have some exciting things coming up:

  • I am blogging for UMBCeats as a healthy living blogger.

  • I am in touch with the FDA with a possible job/ internship

  • I am going to continue to teach ab crunch at UMBC

  • I will continue my internship with the UMBC Shriver Center at a local homeless shelter.  We are planning to grow a garden- so that they can add FRESH veggies and herbs to their meals. We are going to use these seeds to keep up around biodiversity. I also plan on getting free composted soil from the county.

  • I am also talking to a few professors on campus to do some Public Health Research in the Spring.

  • Co-writing Public Health Roll we are planning on re-launching in Feb

I listed out all these things mainly for myself, even when things are looking bad. I do have a lot going for myself. I pride myself in taking the initiative in whatever project/ job I am doing. I hope this carries me through to my future.

Most importantly I will try my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle- with that I am going to head to the gym.

Hopefully I will feel better about myself. If not, there is always tomorrow.

Campus Life

The non traditional way.

As most students go away to college, I live at home. This is for several reasons: financially-it is much cheaper to live at home when you live ten minutes away from campus. Traditionally– in most Indian/Muslim families the unmarried females live at home until they get married. Dietary- I eat halal meat which is basically like Kosher meat, so its easier to get food at home. ( not like I spend much time at home anyways)

The negatives of living on campus are that you have a limited social life as well as freedom to drink and party. Lucky for me those factors don’t come into play for me. I have an uncanny ability to make friends with pretty much anyone that I meet. Through classes, work and clubs I have been able to make friends. And for the latter part, I don’t drink or party so limited freedom works well for me.

If I ever need a place to say after a long night of studying I have friends that let me crash at their place 🙂

And truthfully this lifestyle works for me, I have thought about living on campus my senior year if I get the RA position which pays for room and board.

At school I am pretty busy with classes and 3 jobs. Yes, I said three, but they don’t take up too much away from studying time.

Internship: Friday: 12-1 and Saturday: 9-12

Abs class( I stopped teaching cardio because of my back 😦 ) : Tu and Th 4:30-5

Book store  cashier( just for the first 2-3 weeks of school I am trying to save up money for a car?): I just interviewed for this position so I am not sure when I will be working but, its not for too long so I will be free when my classes start to get harder.

^ Its really not THAT bad 🙂

I just ate lunch at my on campus deli- they make fresh sandwiches.

On white bead I got:

  • Provolone cheese
  • 1/2 scoop of tuna
  • lettuce
  • tomato
  • bannana peppers
  • olives
  • feta cheese
  • a handful of chips 😦 – I love something salty and crunch with tuna)


– The man making my sandwich goes ” wow you have more veggies than sandwich!” Sana: “Its better that way!” Hehe.

The reason I have is this blog is to share my life experiences, thoughts and feelings with others. I would love to meet more of you. So if you are visiting my site ( so far 132 of you have) leave a comment or your blog address! I would love to read other blogs and get to know more of you :)!