Small size me

Many times we go out to eat we never get to request a portion size. Unless we are at Starbucks and have to give our order in odd sizes.

How does tall=small? Beats me.

I love Chipotle. It is just so freaking amazing, I have to admit I can chow down this bad boy[ Source]

We won’t get into calories- but we all know it’s not pretty. The other day I was having some serious Chipotle hankering. I did not want to eat that monstrosity. I could- but it’s not something I like to make a habit of.

So I decided to get a mini! I asked for 1 soft taco with all the fixings I would normally get!

Yes, this was a fraction of the cost and size. But most importantly it did the trick! I was full- and I did not over eat. Which I would have done had I eaten an entire burrito.

Lesson of the day: Create your own size, don’t be afraid to ask for less. you will thank yourself.

So I have been on a serious Tabouli kick. Aka I have been adding it to everything in sight.

Case and point:

I am just going to have to hit up Costco for some more 🙂

I have also been giving myself a few treats every night. I love sweets but when I allow myself to have some everyday I don’t over eat.

I had my first Cliff bar- and it was delish! The prefect pre-workout snack! I was worried that it would be too sweet but that was not the case at all.

Other treats include magic bars aka evil bars

They are sooo good- I just can’t get enough. Pure evil.

Sana’s Skim delight

1/2 a packet of hot chocolate

1 cup skim milk

It’s the perfect way to end a day!

Ab tip of the day:

-Many people complain that doing a basic crunch on the floor hurts their neck.

To deal with this I recommend doing the crunch on a ball.

Or you could be me and have fun bouncing on it.

But don’t fall off, or hurt yourself in this process.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

24 responses to “Small size me

  1. girl those burritos are soo good!! way to compromise! i love clif bars! yum!!

  2. Yum Tabouli is the besttttttt!!! And I definitely agree that using a ball helps with the neck pain. Yup yup 🙂

  3. I think I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t love Chipotle. Seriously- what’s wrong with me?!?!

    And the exercise ball is my savior right now! ha ha

  4. Can you believe I haven’t been to Chipotle, despite the fact it is right down the street? It looks great.

    And the exercise ball is my good friend…I do about 100 crunches a day on it. Makes all the difference in the world!!

  5. I can’t believe I’ve never been to this Chipotle that you speak of. Is it like a Moe’s?

    I think doing crunches on the ab ball hurts my neck more than doing them on the floor. :-/ I know it’s supposed to engage your abs more, but I don’t like to exercises on that thing.

  6. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    it is so smart that you asked for a soft taco- way to resist, idk if i could do that! i love chipotle 🙂 but haven’t had one of htose big burriots in too long. half of a burrito would be ideal.


  7. Thats a great lesson! I hate being over full, but I always finish everything on my plate- it’s a habit! Good thing you asked for the small one! (I’m sure it made you savor it more too!)
    And ahhh LOVE Clif bars:)

  8. couldn’t agree more that chipolte is amazing..wish there was one near me!! i always used to get their tacos with extra salsa 😉

  9. Great idea to order the small taco. I can def eat a whole burrito as well, haha.

  10. I love chipotle! The calorie count can get out of control when you add it up!! I usually get the salad at chipotle and top it with the onions & peppers, black beans, and lots and lots of salsa- so good! Hope you have a nice weekend

  11. I’ve never had chipotle! I have had similar things (moe’s, willy’s) and agree that getting something smaller is the way to go. Sometimes I get the kids burrito at moe’s. Not sure if they offer that at chipotle, but that could be another option…

  12. i love chipotle!! they make the best burritos ever. I love hitting them up on the weekends. Its a great treat! Great sounding Cliff bar too. Have an amazing weekend!

  13. Just found your blog! I love it and can’t wait to keep reading! I would love it if you could check out mine 🙂

  14. I love Chipotle! everything tastes so amazing and fresh! I try to behave when I go there and either ask for less food OR save some for later

  15. I’ve never had chipolte .. shocking I know!!

    Great ab tip! You def feel the burn more from the ball!

  16. Cliff bars are good eh? My boss bought a massive box of them because he’s on a health kick (it wont last – Ive only worked there for a year and already he’s done this like 4 times). I tried one just to see, and it was surprisingly good. Made me a little too hyper though.

  17. What a fantastic idea with the chipoltle min-taco! I’ve never thought of that…seriously smart, Sana 🙂

  18. I love chipotle, but have only ever had their salads. Great tip, though!

  19. No Chipolte in Canada!! For shame! I know. Great day you had. Love your blog’s name, so I keep coming back haha 🙂 Good tidbit about the crunch , it also helps to focus on a point on the ceiling or above you and tuck your chin in (to lengthen your neck) versus flexing it to touch your chest, which cranks on your neck…but then again i’m a slack – a$$ when it comes to abs 😦 and anything for that matter…

  20. So when is your new domain taking place? The SANA Life! tee hee.

    And can you believe I have never tried Chipotle before? I don’t really get the hype…but I guess I’ve just never tried it before?

  21. Apparently with Starbucks the only sizes used to be short and tall, but then with all the super-sizing they found they had to add bigger sizes (grande and venti) to keep up!

  22. A mini! What a good idea! I’m not a huge fan of Chipotle (or mexican food really) but if I ever have a craving I’ll keep this in mind!

  23. I love those burritos!!!! And of course Clif bars! Both of those things make my self control collapse!!

  24. If you’re still looking for those peppers, you might want to try!! =)

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