And the winner is….

You are just going to have to scroll to the bottom to find out!

I had a headache last night so I took my time getting up and missed the D.C blogger meet up. I was super bummed.

I cheered myself up with Strawberry Chobani!

w/ granola. I could eat this every single day! Maybe.

Today I was not in the mood to workout. I just wanted to curl up and get back into bed. But I decided to just go for 30 mins. And if I hated it I would come back.

I kept with Elliptical Challenge 2010 and cranked out a fast 15 mins!

Today Ms. Matchy-matchy was no where to be found. Maybe she was off shopping for another outfit?

So I was left with Mr. Under Armour.

And we had at it.

Pedaling away on the seated bike. I won. Of course!

I finished my 30 mins and booked it home for some un pictured pita chips and hummus. Basically the best thing on Earth.

My mom and I hit up the mall. She had some gifts to buy so I tagged along. I am not big on shopping these days. I don’t want to try fitting into some new clothes- I have plenty at home to do so.

I did have some important business to take care of. I am a member of the Godiva Rewards Club and I wanted to go in and get my FREE chocolate of the month. Boy was I excited!

I of course wanted everything!

But I settled for the Milk Chocolate Truffle

I split it in half with my mom.  And it was worth every bite. We already know what we want next month 🙂

Shopping has to be a workout! Between dodging all the pushy kiosk sellers and sprinting past all the slow people that stop to look at e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I was pooped when I made it home.

I came home and made a TJ special

Spinach and Chive pasta with a slightly healthier version of Tj’s Alfredo sauce.

I am a happy girl 🙂

For the rest of the night I will have some tea and grapes w/ Chobani if I feel snacky.

And now to the moment you have all been waiting for!

The winner is: lowandbhold

“Oh I loooove Chobani! Yay for your first giveaway!

Safety and good to me is family.”

-Please e-mail me at supersana786 [at] gmail [dot] com with your full name and mailing address!

Thank you all for entering my giveaway it was nice to read all of your symbols of good and safety

25 responses to “And the winner is….

  1. “Today Ms. Matchy-matchy was no where to be found. Maybe she was off shopping for another outfit?” hahaha this made me crack up

    great workout honey

  2. Glad you did some ellipitcaling! I am making that a word by the way.

    Congrats to the winner- wish it was me but thats cool haha

  3. I bought some Godiva for Christmas and they asked me if I wanted to be part of the Rewards Club. I said no because I know myself well enough that if I went in for my free truffle every month I’d walk out with a whole box of them to be consumed in one sitting. I wish that were a stretch… The woman gave me this look like I had gone absolutely crazy and said, “I don’t think I’ve ever had someone turn it down before…”

  4. I hate shopping – it’s so exhausting! I also hate trying on clothes, good job making it through the shopping and the workout. 🙂

    Congrats Low! I’m jealous…

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love yours! Congrats to the winner and to you on your first giveaway! Aren’t they a blast!?

    That Godiva looks incredible!!! Good for you in dragging yourself to the gym. I know how that goes and I tell myself the same thing…if you HATE it aftert 10 minutes, then leave. Needless to say, I never end up leaving 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  6. Yes, shopping does count as a workout girl :)…especially dodging other people and trying to pull on pants that just aren’t going to fit…sigh…oh well, it’s a part of life 😉 Happy New Years! And WTG on getting in a workout – every step counts…better than me lying on the futon watching xmas cartoons (that yes i have on video and yes i am aware this makes me borderline loser…but i can admit it 😉 ).

  7. Godiva is the best…I love their chocolate. And it helps that they are so pretty to look at!

  8. I have a matchy matchy at my gym too- actually two of them! They wear bebe outfits and have both obviously had work done. I look for them every time I come in (which is a lot) and they make my workout complete!

    Have a great day!

  9. I totally consider shopping to be a workout! Especially grocery shopping!

  10. hahah you are too funny! i tend to make names for people too at the gym. (hey gotta occupy the time somehow) We have some Ms. Matchey matches at our gym and a few skirt girls. (the ones that wear the tennis skirts, uber short and never actually work out but pretend to) They are always entertaining. But to each his own I guess! Ha! Anyways I really hope you feel better girl! That godiva chocolate looks amazing!!!!

  11. I’ve never heard of this Godiva rewards club! Sounds fun!

    Good job on making it to the gym!

  12. i have a strawberry chobani in the fridge too!! makes me wana eat it now..i love it frozen tho!

  13. Mmmm chocolate 🙂

  14. girl shopping is for sure a workout! i try to avoid the mall at all costs while everyone is off from work and school it’s just such a pain in the butt!

    hope you feel better soon 🙂

  15. I’m insulted that you got so easily cheered up by a simple chobani. Hmph! lol, just kidding!! ;-p
    I missed you! I was so excited to finally meet you…but next time, we’ll make it work! It’s a promise, right?

  16. Dude…free chocolate of the month?! What?! Tell me more!

    How is the nutritional info on that TJ’s sauce? Is it scary like all alfredos, or is it healther like most TJ products are?

    Happy New Year to you!

  17. Those truffles look delicious!
    I just found your blog, and I too am a college student striving for a healthy lifestyle! I can’t wait to read more!


  18. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    free hot chocolate sounds good to me haha and i love the truffle!! & yayyyy to the winnaa 🙂 jealous!


  19. love love love Godiva!! my favorite is Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries and Chocolate Caramels. And that spinach and chive pasta dish sounds amazing! hope you’re headache went away! happy monday 🙂

  20. yum yum godiva chocolate is so good! I am always so tempted walking past a Godiva shop! especially the one in Columbia mall!

  21. OMG we are members of Godiva rewards and I love getting that chocolate!!!

  22. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    free chocolate?!?!!? how i wish there was a godiva store closer by….

  23. Godiva, has a reward card??? What? I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that. =)

  24. Free chocolate? Oh my goodness, I would be in such trouble 😀

  25. Totally agree that life is all about choices! The older you get, the more you learn…

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