Holiday Treat

So I am currently working on a 2000 word paper- but I wanted to leave you guys with a lovely treat!

So, I’m a huge fan of Liz Lovely Cookies.  They’re this awesome little bakery in Vermont that “bakes a difference” with organic, vegan & gluten free cookies.  I’m not sure how they do it, but these cookies are the best.  And they ship them all over the country!  (Hint hint)  Anyway, I’m on their Fan Club, and I signed up to be one of “Liz’s Little Helpers.”  If you go buy some cookies online, I’ll get you 20% off your order! And, I earn a little credit towards free cookies.  What could be wrong about cookies for the holidays?

These are my personal favorite! You can also checkout my review here Click here

OK, so go to

At checkout, use this promo code for 20% off: SUPERSANA

Happy Holidays,


Comment below if you have had any of  Liz Lovely’s goodies?

If not do you plan on buying any?

16 responses to “Holiday Treat

  1. I’ve never had any of Liz Lovely’s goodies, but they sound yummy!

  2. The cookies sound great!

  3. Good luck with your paper!! The cookies sound delish!

  4. These sound delicious and gluten free! I am going to check out their website. Thanks!!

  5. I’ve never had them but they sound great!

    Good luck with paper writing! I’ve got 2 down and 2 to go!

  6. yumm im gona have to check those out!!! good luck w. your paper girl!

  7. OMG goodluck with that paper chickie!

  8. good luck with your paper!!!

  9. bahh good luck w/ the paper


  10. looks yummy!
    thanks for the sweet comment!

  11. Thanks for the sweet comment today and good luck with the paper!

  12. I’ve never heard of this product, but it looks like a good one! I am slowly trying to transition to going as organic as possible. Thanks for the discount code!

  13. Great tips for finals!! I wake up excited for a Green Monster … or oatmeal. I used to hate breakfast until I started blogging – weird!

  14. Good luck with your paper and finals. I finished 3 papers and 2 finals, just 1 more final to go! So close to home. Thanks for the feel better comments (:

  15. i’ve never heard of these, but they sound great!

    Good luck with the end of your semester!

  16. I’ve never even seen these before…I would love to try them, but the word “vegan” makes me skeptical…

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