The things I doooooo!

What better way to start off a gloomy and rainy day?

Picture 001 

With a freshly squeezed glass of OJ ( It was full before I snapped the pic )

What should I add blueberries too?

Picture 002

Oatmealllll! Duh!

What should I do with a silly sister and leaves?Picture 005

Throw her in, of course :)!

Do leftovers from last nights dinner turn into a tasty lunch?


Why yes they do 🙂 ( Basmati white rice, BBQ seasoned Salmon and lentils ( dal))

Craving something fruity and juicy?


Nothing like plump grapes and strawberries from Costco- I swear that place is AMAZING!

How to cure a mid-day headache?


With a non-fat caramel latte.

Wish you were somewhere tropical?

  Picture 007

Drink water from there.

 Craving cheese for dinner?

Picture 009 

 Grab a Cheese Quesadilla

What do you do if you hate something? (JK)

Picture 011

 Gobble it all up!

Feeling bored?

Picture 008

Have a photoshoot with your pets!!

 How to ace your next cell bio exam?

Picture 006

 Lock yourself up in the library!!!

*Stay tuned for my new workout page and how I workout with a back injury*


11 responses to “The things I doooooo!

  1. HA you are too cute….

  2. Haha, cute post! Coffee is the best cure for headaches. Good luck studying!

  3. blueberries make everything taste better 🙂

  4. thanks for visiting my blog! the leaf pile pic is so cute! I miss being a care free kidd!!

    best headache cure…coffee 🙂 im wth you on this one!

  5. Hahaha, you’re so adorable! Throw me into the leaves too! Looks like fun!

    Btw, thank you so much for cheering me up at Twitter…you’re just so sweet!

  6. what better way to start a day? MIMOSA! haha

  7. good luck on the exam!! & good eats girl 🙂


  8. I haven’t had fresh squeezed OJ in ages! It’s such a lovely treat!

    That big pile of leaves makes me happy 🙂 Fall is my favorite season!

  9. Mmm.. look at all that gooey, cheesey quesadilla!! Raking leaves is so much fun! And not to mention a good workout for the arms 😉

  10. haha! I need to lock myself in a library ASAP! 😉

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