Good Mood!!!

The main factor that determines what I eat is the mood that I am in.

Lately with the pressures of school and my lack of control over my injury I have been all over the place on the mood scale. Somedays the sun shines a bit brighter as I walk by

Other days it’s a cloud of gloom-doom. Not fun.

I honestly feel better if I have something delish in my belly. I spoil myself rotten! If I am feeling crappy and I want a candy bar or something salty and spicy I go for it.

Honestly, when you are down in the dumps are you really going to think if something is healthy?  Did not think so.

Recently I have started to dread getting dressed in the morning. I am worried that my clothes won’t fit. Thankfully it’s getting chilly and I can wear a sweatshirt and I can feel more comfortable. There is nothing worse than feeling trapped in too tight clothes.

To combat those negative feelings I do my best to stay in the best possible mood all day.

I naturally enjoying helping people- my best parts of this semester have been working at a homeless shelter not far from campus. It is a humbling experience talking to the local men of my community about their lives. Many of them were unable to finish highschool due to financial reasons or getting arrested for various crimes.

I often worry that I won’t have a future if I don’t get into grad school. But I am so lucky to have the chance to be in school and no matter what I end up doing it will be something that I love.

Many times I remind myself that life is too short to stay bummed about the way I look and feel and focus that energy into something positive.

I want to be able to inspire other people around me as well as myself  to always focus on the good and not the bad. Especially in college where grades consume who we are as individuals.

Top 10 ways to keep a positive/happy mood- Sana style 🙂

  1. Have a tickle fight 🙂 There is nothing like a good belly hurt’in laugh!
  2. Smile at a stranger- don’t worry this is NOT creepy!
  3. Have a dance party-  location, location, location ( library, rooftops,sidewalks, anywhere)
  4. Run through a sprinkler.
  5. Play a prank on someone that won’t hate you forever ( Woopie cushion, fake spiders, snake in a can?)
  6. Ask for free samples- how can this not make you happy?
  7. Dressing room photo shoot.
  8. Moonbounce/trampoline/ ballpit.
  9. Have a cuddle party (Me, myself and I do this all the time)
  10. Youtube ( hahah, we have all done this)

What should #11 be?

7 responses to “Good Mood!!!

  1. playlists of terrible music from the 90s always makes me smile (spice girls, mmmbop, you get the idea…)

  2. I love that list! =)

  3. Great list! I understand what you mean though. My mood dictates what I eat too, and the time change makes me feel a little down which makes me eat more. No good!

  4. Sana! I love your list! 🙂 Smiling, dance parties, free samples, cuddling… are def the best picker uppers!

  5. I love your list! I think #11 should be ice cream sundaes 🙂
    Cheer up, the semester is getting towards the end! You have so much going for you to be happy about 🙂

  6. Help someone else – hold the door open, pick up something they dropped, etc.

    My mood does the same thing to me 🙂

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