Living the crazy life!

The life that I in vision for my self is not the one that I am currently living.

 Someday’s I don’t even feel normal.

But it is amazing regardless 🙂

Introductions must be made-

 Picture 001

Meet TURTLE- my spiffy new back brace 🙂 I have to wear this for 6-weeks. I saw an MRI of my spine and its in the shape of a J lovely!

It truly is amazing to read about everyone elses workouts on their blogs. It’s the closest that I have been to running in the past 10 months. I don’t even miss it anymore!

I have not been doing as well as I would like to be in school- taking 3 upper-level classes is too much work for me. I feel like I am always missing something and I am wayy behind everyone else. It is hard not to feel like a failure.

However, I have to make choices that work for me and not compare myself to my smart and amazing peers. I decided to drop my biochem class, mind you biochemistry is my major. But I have not gotten above a 30% on any of the exams.

I have till the 10th to drop this class with a W, but I don’t see any other plan. Hopefully when I drop the class I will be able to focus on my other classes and pull myself up and end the semester on the high note.

Anything will be better than last fall semester where my car exploded!

I always feel the need to set these huge standards for myself, I wish I was like all my other classmates ace all these classes.

I wonder if I am just not smart enough? or if I should change my major?

But, I enjoy my classes.

I just have to learn how to take classes, without overwhelming myself.

It is truly impossible to stay sane without having positive people in your life, I love being able to share my life with someone else. The good, the bad and even the ugly ❤

My life may never be the perfect path that I see it has, but I have done so many things that I could not have imagined. I have overcome many fears. And I am a much stronger human being. Knowing this is a great feeling 🙂

Sometimes it just takes another person to realize how strong we truly are.

 I feel like I don’t really write a healthy living blog, but this is my journey to having a happy and healthy future. And I will get there one way or another.

I decided to step outside of my hermit life and get my nails done– I seriously feel pretty!

 Picture 003

 *Feet pic alert*

Picture 004

I hope no one is grossed out by feet here 😦 But I LOVE my feet, I can always become a foot model, if grad school does not work out. hehe!

On a related note:

There is no one way to reach your goal. Pave your own path!

Feel free to e-mail/comment about your own goals 🙂

I swear there is crack in these!!!

Picture 005

14 responses to “Living the crazy life!

  1. I have to admit, I like feet too. I know that is weird in a lot of people’s eyes, but I think some people really have nice looking feet. okay, I am sounding a bit crazy now.

    I agree with you, I think most candy must be laced with crack! 🙂

  2. I don’t like feet, but I love mine! What color is that on your toes, it’s pretty!
    Good luck with everything. You need to do whatever is best for you! I dropped a class that was essential to my major, and took it over the summer. I had too much of a work load and extracurriculars that semester. It was best for me to drop the class and I ended up acing it later on!

  3. Dude you have some cute feet! I love my feet too lol…it is seriously one of my fave body parts.

    Ouch about your back…I have been having back aches for the past week and can totally relate to how you feel but I am sure mine is a level 3 and yours is like a level 7 =( …so I should suck it up lol

  4. once in college i had to withdraw from aerobics because i skipped too much-can you imagine having an F in aerobics on a transcript?!
    and it’s totally better to drop a class and get more time/energy to put towards the rest of your stuff than drive yourself crazy!

  5. I had to withdraw from a class or two in college too. Sometimes it’s the only way. I feel your pain. I felt like this many times during school. But when it’s over you’ll mainly remember the good times 🙂

  6. Oh, I’m so sorry about that brace, but I’m glad it’s helping you a bit. This is really lame, but a lot of times when I feel like I need to run or do something that I shouldn’t be doing because of my injury, I always think, “What would an animal in the wild do?” I can guarantee, the only reason a horse with a fractured spine would run would be if a lion was chasing it. So it’s pretty lame for me to want to go out and run injured.

    Feel free to block me from commenting now 🙂

  7. Girl, you don’t always have to eat healthy or exercise to be “healthy”…I think your attitude is healthy enough! Good for you to do what is best, Sana! I hope next semester fares better, but meanwhile, enjoy this one! 🙂

  8. Oh my goodness! So sorry to hear about your back! Hopefully the turtle shell will serve its purpose 😉

    You do have nice feet. I have the ugliest feet in the world, so I can’t rely on that as a backup career!

  9. I don’t like feet, but you have very pretty feet! 🙂

  10. im so sorry to hear about your back! hope it gets better soooon! and you DO have pretty feet. mine are fugly haha.

  11. I’m sorry to hear about your back! that brace will help a lot though!

    Your feet look adorable!

  12. Feel better soon dearie! 🙂 Stay strong!

  13. hope you feel better 🙂
    oh man I used to be crazy obsessed with that bubble gum!!

  14. King of the Pirates

    Nice feet!

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