Clearly I am not as sick as I think I am…..

because I am still eating everything in sight!

I have been coughing up a storm with a never-ending headache and my temperature is not budging past 97.7 degrees! As miserable as I have been feeling my tummy is having a members only party!

Usually when I get sick I can’t even look food! Soooo not the case last night when I was craving chickpeas ( garbanzo beans)

  Chaat Papri

I could eat these forever and die happy!

As much as I love eating veggies, and beans- my tummy does not deal with them well 😦 Does this come from being a meat eater of 20 years? I don’t get it…

School has been uber stressful, I just can’t seem to get together! Case in point today I was up till 4am working on a story that I had 26 days to work on 😦 I guess you live and learn!

I am also going crazy with losing things, I can’t seem to hang on to ANYTHING! It either grows a pair of legs and walks away or I am truly losing it.

Short post- I want to get some Biochem done tonight!

Few things to keep in mind:

  • Take part in Project Feed Me -> link is on the side its only week 3 and not too late to join!
  • Is anyone attending It’s in Bmoreeee and I can’t wait to go and meet everyone :)!!!
  • Lastly stay tuned for an inspiring guest post while I get my life back together 🙂

Hope everyone is having a FAB Monday!

9 responses to “Clearly I am not as sick as I think I am…..

  1. oh when I am hungry I usually want to eat everything in sight! Esp ice cream ha

  2. Most people can’t handle beans and vegetables very well…it has to do with all that indigestible fiber. So go easy on them. It’ll probably take your body a while to adjust.

  3. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I really want to go to FitBlogging & it’s during my Spring Break…I need to learn more about it though

  4. that chaat papri looks crazy good!

  5. Hey girl!

    Sorry school has been stressful; I feel ya! But nothing a little mood-boostin’ workout won’t take care of! 😉

    Have a great night! xoxo

  6. peanutbutterfingers

    i always eat a ton when i’m sick… and not just saltines & crackers… 😉

  7. yuor din looks amazing! do you have a recipe??? 🙂

  8. I never really lose my appetite when I’m sick unless I’m puking. It’s good that you’re still eating because you’re getting in nutrients to fight off the illness 🙂 Hope you feel better!

  9. I eat everything in sight all the time, so don’t feel bad 🙂 I love chickpeas!

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