There is a first time for everything!

I cooked my first meal today!

Living at home does have its perks- I don’t have to cook, my mother is just amazing in the kitchen and does not like extra help.

But since I plan on leaving in the next 2-3 years 😉 I figured I should start with something simple- pesto pasta!

Picture 004

2 cases of Basil leaves from Trader Joe’s

Picture 005

Organic Whole Wheat pasta from Tj’s

Picture 006

Raw Pine Nuts

I first threw the nuts in the oven to toast for a bit at 450 degrees- I kinda forget that they were in there in between blending and using the food processor.

At first I was going to blend the basil, olive oil and garlic all together, but it was not blending well.

Picture 008

Ready, set, BLEND!!!

Picture 009


After I figured out how to lock the food processor together and ADD the blade ( it’s a tricky process) I was good to go!

Picture 010


Final result with some toasted squash, grape tomatoes and fat free cheese :)!

Picture 012

It was SUPER yum! I ate it in two meals- well my mom and sister had some too.

The only thing I would add is some roasted red pepper to the pesto, it needed a bit of a kick! But I will be making this again for sure :)!

The rest of my Tj goodies, I swear the most HELPFUL and KIND people work in this store! They are sweet and offer good meal ideas :)!

Picture 014


I have been obsessing over dried fruit- they are just less messy for on the go eating!

Picture 013


This week is going to be my SUPER study week I have a cell bio and bio chem exam on the 20th aka death day!

It might be the stress of school but I have been finding myself eating all my meals alone at school. I miss having people to eat with 😦 I do have plenty of people that I know at school. Recently I have been feeling like people only talk to me when they need to complain about something or someone. I love being a person that my friends can trust and can come to. However, sometimes its nice to sit and talk about other things. Or have people to hangout with that enjoy my company ( hehehe!)

I guess that is what college is all about finding like minded individuals and I have yet to do so.

Winter is OFFICIALLY here! I love wearing scarves and today was a total scarf day :)!

This is by far my favorite season, all you want to do is curl up with a warm cup of green tea and read the night away 🙂

I hope everyone is having a lovely start to their week :)!

9 responses to “There is a first time for everything!

  1. It looks like you did a great job!

  2. Great job making your first meal!

    And I agree, the TJ staff is amazing =)

  3. Can’t believe you’re happy abt winter being here!! brrrr…!!

    Haha, GREAT meal!!! It looks really, really good, and congrats on your first cooking extravaganza! 😀

  4. DELISH PESTOOOOOOO! ahh it looks so good! and i think a meetup at maiwand would be AMAZING. gahhh just need to make sure i order extra pumpkin !! 🙂

  5. Amazing dish for a first time cooker. You had me fooled for being a pro. I love TJ’s. The staff there are always helpful. Great picks from TJ’s. You will love the No Pudge Brownies. Good luck with your studies.

  6. So I’ve heard of pine nuts, and now I see them here. Next step is to try and actually eat some.

  7. yummm that pesto looks ridiculously deeeelish! 🙂

  8. That pasta looks so perfect! I am obsessed with basil (I literally eat it straight off the plant) so your pesto has my name all over it. 😉

  9. Pesto pasta! Yum!
    I started cooking when I was in college, too – I still have my first cookbook. It opened a lot of possibilities.
    Awesome. 🙂

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