Eating Machine!!!

…….OH BOY! What hit me this weekend?

I was one busy bee this weekend, eating away- I don’t even have pics b/c it all went into my food wayyy too fast! Mindless weekend eating is something else! Between my mom’s homemade meals and birthday desserts I sure did enjoy myself 🙂

Except for the part where I ate MOLDY guacamole for two days!!! BLAH! For being so paranoid about expired food I can’t believe I missed the GIANT white/blue patch of mold 😦 Thankfully I feel fine- you live and learn.

But like every fun weekend there is always a mindful eating week to follow!

I woke up this morning with a slightly scratchy throat and nasal congestion, this is NORMAL for me with the change of the seasons coming up here is Maryland. So, I am not worried about swine flu 😦 I have been CHUGGING green tea in hopes of feeling better ASAP!

Picture 012

It’s hard to get out of school and work while being sick, but as long as I am not running a temperature I am ok, even if I do feel crappy all day.

So far so good with bringing food from home! My main problem was not being able to keep it cool all day while I was in class or at work. But I have been using ice packs and its good to go!

Picture 013

The eats:

  • Grapes
  • strawberries
  • Pasta w/ low fat caesar salad dressing
  • Salmon burger!!! (12.99 for 12 at costco)

The HIGHLIGHT of my weekend was a trip to COSTCO!!! OMG the weekend is an amazing time to go, soooo many free samples 🙂

I am only at the 1/2 way point in my day, I still have to teach my abs class. I teach twice a week for 25 minutes a day. It is great to still teach even with an injury 🙂Picture 014

I have a basic set ab routine, but I am always trying to add new moves. My biggest problem with doing crunches is the neck strain- so I try to do  a lot of moves that don’t hurt that area. Planks, seated twists ect. Personally I like doing my ab workout on the BIG ball, however there are not enough for the 40+ people that come to class.

Does anyone else feel pain while doing a basic crunch?

I also have trouble planning for the rest of the day eating wise.

I ate my lunch at 12:30.

Currently its 2:52, I have 4.5 hours left to my day. I would like to have some kind of a snack with me, I forgot my soy chips 😦 I am skipping yogurt while being sick, cold dairy is not the best when you are congested.

I may buy a vegan cookie to take with me while I am in class or a Nature Valley Honey and Oats Bar :)- Love those things, even if the tend to crumble all over me. I HAVE to have something to eat during my 2 hour biochem lecture. I can’t focus if my tummy is going * grumble grumble*!

Its’s funny, sometimes in life there is nothing that is going too wrong, or nothing super exciting- it is nice to be at an even pace in life. Its like the calm before the storm and you know that something is coming. My semester is off to a start, I know what I need to do to study and do well in my classes- it honestly is a matter of it all coming together.


I went out to dinner with a group of friends after my late night class, its just say I LOVE this place- I STUFFED my face!!!! Mainwand Kabob is an Afgani Kabob place.

beef_kabob( picture from website) I ate too fast to photograph 🙂

10 responses to “Eating Machine!!!

  1. I hope you feel better chicky! Glad you had a fun weekend- even if it was a little indulgent 🙂 Those grapes look yummy- its pick your own grapes time at the farm down the street from my house and I cannot wait to go. Heres a little video about Body Attack – its an athletic training type of class-

  2. Not sure why, but I never hurt when I do crunches. I am totally doing t wrong. I wish I had an expert like you giving me personal training.

    Sorry you are having trouble scheduling your eating…but you’ll get the hang of it! you learn frm your mistakes! 🙂

  3. Indulgent weekends are always fun, and you just feel so freeee. Eating on schedule can be tough sometimes, but just try to listen to your body as much as possible 🙂 it’ll get better!

    Enjoy your Thurs!

  4. That sounds like a Yummy Weekend =)

    I also love doing ab workouts on my ball, I feel it more in my core

  5. i hope you feel better!

    that dinner looks like it would be amazing 🙂

  6. i wish i could be in abs class! I need to work out my abs. sobs.

    can you give me tips on how to do crunches the right way?

  7. Props to you! Alot of people don’t think college and eating healthy mix. 🙂 Like your blog!
    -Jessica @

  8. Ew sorry about the moldy guac! Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  9. I hope you feel better soon!


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