Beauty is only skin deep

….or so they say…

but we can all use a little pick me up 🙂

I am one to talk- on any given day you can find me running around in yoga pants, my hair in a frizz and my nails undone.

However, when I do get myself together the results are fabulous!

Eyebrows=> These are a must! I personally get mine threaded once a month- but an at home wax-kit or tweezers does the trick! Getting rid of a few stray hairs really can make a difference.

Skin=> The largest organ aka the biggest pain in the you-know-what! My skin has a mind of its own, one min things are looking great another not so good. I am currently using a prescription topical gel every night ( sometimes I forget) On my good days ( yes there are some)


I use this product first thing in the morning- usually in the shower ( it saves time) its a lovely wake up for my skin.

Does anyone else have DRY skin right after they wash their face?

I have to lotion my face minutes after washing- otherwise its paper dry.

Hair => If I have time I usually straighten my hair, its how I prefer to wear it.  Its not the best for my hair and takes up time so I usually wear it curly.

I basically shower, towel dry , add product and go!

AMAZING! It does not even leave that dandruff looking white stuff!!!

Now for my #1 beauty secret

Where do I use this? EVERYWHERE!

  • lip gloss
  • eyeshadow ( just mix it in with powder eyeshadow)
  • elbows/heels

I use this every single day without fail!!!

Nails =>

I like to treat myself to a spa mani/pedi once a semester but in the time between I dislike looking at ugly nails. I just sick to clear on my finger nails and bright pink or red on toes when I am wearing flip flops!

Back to school time is a great time for everyone to add simple changes to their daily routine to look YOUR best 🙂

You also feel better when you know you are looking FABULOUS!

5 responses to “Beauty is only skin deep

  1. Vaseline, really? Well, now I am a new reader to your blog and let me say this: your secret weapon is one I never would have thought of! I always thought Vaseline would make me break out, but now I’m going to have to try it!

    Thanks for you comments on my blog! I look forward to reading yours!

  2. LOVE Vaseline. I also use something called Bag Balm, which is just like Vaseline. It’s in a green tin at CVS and will change your life, seriously.

  3. April (Foods of April)

    You have such beautiful hair!!

  4. I love vaseline on my lips! It makes them so soft!

  5. I definitely have dryer skin after I wash my face…esp since I just use bath soap. so I always use lotion. And vaseline is my friend esp here in SoCal since it’s SO dry!

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