Loving Life!

What does it truly mean to love life?

It’s embracing all that is living around us.

And that starts with us. Self love. And loving those around us.

As humans we constantly look at everyone else and compare. To us, having what someone else has will make our lives 10000000x better. It is said that you are your own worst critic and in most cases that is true. Why can’t we see ourselves from an outsiders prespective? When will we finally be able to love ourselves and what our bodies do for us?

I know I have said it time and time again and I know others have too, ” I will be so happy when I lose  just 20, 30 or 40 more pounds.” Yes, you might be happy but your body will thank you . Taking care of yourself and being healthy is a life long mission that does lead to happiness however the journey should not be a painful one.

The general view of overweight/ obese people is that they are unhealthy and don’t care about themselves. Just how many Americans would that be? 97.1 million Americans. Or 35.70% of the world population.  These individuals are  our mothers, fathers, siblings, husbands, wives and family members. People that we love.

Yes, there are days where I look at myself and complain about XYZ body part. But I LOVE my body. It is 100% mine and everyday for 20 years it has taken me on a journey unlike any other.

 I love my legs for the help carry me through the hardships of life.

I love my arms that allow me to embrace my loved ones.

I love my mind for helping me stay strong when my heart wants to stop trying.


I am NOT a healthy eater- I am learning about what I enjoy eating and what is available. I don’t eat all organic or vegan, but I am trying sooo many differnt things. I am a work in progress.

The eatsss:

Picture 004

So, my friends and I went out to lunch for sushi ( this was my first meal of the day) I was not feeling it.


I did not try anything with fish and I just ate the veggie rolls.

Homemade alfredo! Everything was low fat or fat free :)!

Picture 005

I added a bit of white ground beef on top 🙂 With some delish apple cider 🙂Picture 006

I am doing well with my meals- as far as waiting to go back for more. My eyes are NOT bigger than my stomach!

Its the in between/ mindless munching I need to work on. When I am bored I eat. I need to be more MINDFUL of what I am putting in my body.

QUESTION: How do you control the mindless munching?

6 responses to “Loving Life!

  1. I drink a big glass of water before I eat. not only does it help digestion and thus metabolism, it helps me feel full so it prevents mindless munching. mindless munching is quite mindfull- it is a deliberate attempt at using food to avoid thinking about whatever else is harder to deal with or undesirable. So… I try really hard to do things, accomplish, work on whatever it is that I could instead of turning to food!

  2. Hi Sana! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m still working on the mindless munching, but I know that planning/anticipating my meals ahead of time helps, as does blogging in general! 🙂

  3. “I am learning about what I enjoy eating and what is available” – that’s one of the biggest and most important things to learn 🙂 knowing what you enjoy, what satisfies and makes you feel good is half the battle.

    always have some water on hand, and I try to plan snacks to have that are healthier/filling. of course, if I’m still actually hungry, I’ll eat. I think everyone has those super munchy days sometimes.

  4. April (Foods of April)

    I love how you named what your body parts do for you.. our bodies are so amazing I think we all need to just step back and realize what they are capable of!

    I get those munchy days sometimes. If i’m truly hungry or think I need more calories I’ll eat- otherwise I pop a piece of gum, go shopping, or distract myself somehow!


  5. hi sana! great post! mindless munching creeps up on me when im either (a) tired (b) bored or (c) the time of the month is approaching haha… i honestly have no conqured this problem…so if you have any suggestions feel free to share! lately though ive been trying to do other things such as read or surf the internet- and if im tired…take a nap! sometimes, though…no matter what you do you cant keep your hands out of the cupboard haha

  6. Drink lots of fluid! Keep a big bottle/glass/pitcher of water on hand and keep pounding away at it. Every time you start to feel just a bit hungry, take a sip. When it gets serious, you’ll have to pull out the big guns and snack or eat, but it helps quell quick boredom.

    I also like diet soft drinks, but the health effects of aspartame are disputed by some, so I’d say the water is the better choice.

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