“Let’s go baby!”

Maybe, it comes from being a tennis player and having to depend on myself to get pumped up. But I love having the ability to be my own mental support. Healthy living is not only about putting the best food into our bodies, it encompasses our mind, body and soul. What good is eating healthy food if you feel awful?


There is a lot of negativity in our day to day lives and many of us- including myself use food to soften the blow. Food is a source of comfort and enjoyment. The taste, the smell, the flavor. Its an all around enjoyment. It is important to be mentally strong when starting off on a new food journey when you don’t see results right away.


I am a results oriented person, if things are going well for me in class, I feel happy and confident with my performance. With my friends I respond well to affection and interest in my life, I give back to what I get, and continue on a healthy relationship. The problems occur when there is a shift in the pattern. When I get low scores on exams or negative feed back from an instructor I am at a loss as to what I should change. Am I not smart enough? Do I have poor study habits? All of these thoughts are overwhelming and I tend to go back to the root of what worked for me in the past. I stick to what I know. Even with friends- when I don’t feel the response that I get back is in a positive or encouraging tone I do revert back to myself and see what kind of a friend I am being. If I am understanding, supportive or playing the right role of a friend?


I would like to keep the same relationship with food as I do with all the other things in life. With positive energy there are positive feelings which breed powerful and strong human beings.

Lunchy eats :

 Picture 001

SLAP CHOP! I used this to chop up the cucumbers and onion for the yogurt dip.Picture 002


  • Basmati rice with white beef
  • okra with tomato
  • yogurt dip

Picture 003

Diet green tea 🙂

QUESTION: How do you make sure you are staying mentally strong and positive?

4 responses to ““Let’s go baby!”

  1. sometimes staying mentally strong seems like such a struggle and sometimes it’s super easy. I just try to spend some quiet time with just myself and my thoughts each day, even if it’s just a few minutes. i also like to just do little things that I enjoy each day: have a great cup of coffee or tea, read a book for fun, run or do yoga, take a bath, put on a face mask at night, etc.

  2. Yes, this is something I have had to work at in the past because I am a pessimist. I am getting there though

  3. SLAP CHOP hahaa have you ever seen this video:

  4. I get so busy and flustered sometimes that it’s hard to stay mentally strong. But I try to remember why it is that I’m working so hard and it helps me overcome whatever it is thats bringing me down…at least most of the time! lol
    What kind of Diet Green Tea is that? I’ve seen a bunch I want to try but haven’t picked any up yet!

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