The most important meal of the day

B-fast! The meal that is supposed to be between 6 am and 12 pm. Anything after that is called brunch.

My relationship or lack there of with breakfast, started years ago, I recall being very young and not eating anything before going to school in the morning. I would be nervous and not want to eat anything. That still happens to me today. I just can’t eat anything in the morning if I am going somewhere. If I am going to be home, I am usually alright with morning eating. I don’t know why this happens but it is the way I am. Just the thought of having food in the early morning makes me gag. There are a few things I did to deal with this, I ate outside, in front of the TV or alone in a room. I don’t feel like this was an eating problem, because I was fine eating at other times of the day. So, to deal with this problem I skipped breakfast all together.

Not for long! I am determined to put an end to this 🙂 There is nothing physically stopping me from enjoying the most important meal of the day.

I need the energy to get a jump start my day, especially with school right around the corner. Also, this fall which starts flu season for me, it is imperative that I stay HEALTHY to fight infections. I usually start getting sick as soon as the weather changes until spring. Its a major stink, but what can I do?

The only thing I know how, give my body the nutrients it needs to be as strong as possible 🙂

Today was not a true test of my breakfast eating because I was going to be home all day, I am off from work today. But better late then never.

The morning ( by morning I mean shortly before 12, yes I am a college kid)eats:

Picture 003

Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with Costco??? The blueberry cereal is to DIE for!

Picture 004

I switched over to fat free milk about a year ago, while the rest of my family drinks low fat. However, we were out of fat free so it was low fat for me.

and a lovely side of mango smoothie 🙂

Picture 002

  • Fat free milk
  • Fat free Vanilla yogurt
  • Ice!

Happy blending 🙂

This is what I would like to eat for breakfast, when I do have to go out for the day however, I know myself and baby steps are the key. I am determined to have something everyday. It might not be something that is a b-fast meal worthy. But I will give me the energy and nutrients that I need.


For years exercising has been my drug of choice. I need my ENDORPHINS. I am one sad girly 🙂

Letter to myself:

Dear Sana,

I know you are unhappy with your weight and back injury. But it is more rewarding to be healthy and injury-free. I know you can do this! Focus on your eating habits, this is not an overnight process. But over the next few months you will see yourself change. You are a beautiful person inside and out and this will be a true test for you.


Your #1 fan and loving self ❤

I love blogging with music 🙂 Song of post: Goodbye by Kristina DeBarge

Happy blogging 🙂

QUESTION: What are some healthy and on-the-go b-fast ideas?

2 responses to “The most important meal of the day

  1. You can make your cereal an on the go meal!

    Get paper/plastic cups, put some cereal in, and fill it with milk. Enjoy with a spoon or with none. You could even put it in a thermos.

    Dry cereal is delicious too, but most cereals are far too sugary for me to enjoy them dry for very long.

    A cup of something hot early in the morning is a great way to fill yourself up. It doesn’t have to be coffee, either. A steaming cup of cider is the best thing EVER when you’re still sleepy!

    And since you like eggs now, maybe you can start making yourself breakfast sandwiches. Scramble an egg, make some toast (or toast an english muffin), then combine with optional cheese or bacon. Voila, 5-minute breakfast without all the grease and fat of McDonald’s etc. You can make them and heat them up later, too!

  2. I fell in love with Special K bars a while ago, since I am also not a breakfast person, but also have a serious sweet tooth. They’re the perfect size for a purse, and I tend to eat two for breakfast (90 calories each!). They’re remarkably filling, and hold up great in a purse.

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