Sometimes I just “forget” to eat.

Don’t you?

The problem with summer is that I don’t have a set schedule, this also goes for any other time of the year. But mainly summer.

Today was a classic example.

8:20- Shower/ rush to a 9am exam.

9:00-12:00- Exam, I brought grapes to munch on, because there is nothing worse than the sound of grumbling in a silent lecture hall.

I got home around 12:00 and between talking to my mom, e-mailing and cleaning my desk and I just forgot to eat!

Enter 4:00pm I NEEDED FOOD

Enter lunch 🙂

Picture 004

What have we here?

Picture 005

Leftovers ❤ Everything really does taste better the next day!

  • Brown rice
  • Lentils and Indian Squash
  • SALMON ( I used to dislike this fish with a passion, now I eat it about 3 times a month.

Picture 007

I stuffed my face! This is what happens when you don’t eat on time.

I like to drink water with my meals because it helps when I am eating  spicy food!

Picture 006

I just started taking vitamins after I found out that I had a fracture, this might help speed up the healing process?

I need to look more into the benefits of taking vitamins, I would prefer to get to form the foods I eat.

My sister and I decided to hit up  the mall for some shopping!Picture 002

Let’s just say I have figured out Victoria’s secret- its expensive!

Grabbed a Tomato and Mozzarella

Picture 004

There has to be a direct link with shopping and food- I am ALWAYS starving after hitting up the mall.

So, we are headed up to NY for the day tomorrow so I grabbed a read for the long ridePicture 001

and some snacks!

Picture 006

The goods:

  • My very FIRST larabar ( apple pie)
  • Eggplant& Garlic spread
  • Whole wheat pretzels

Who needs a bf when you have got TJ’s ❤

Is only 9pm and I am ready to call it a night, we are hitting to road at 5 am tomorrow, so I have to call it an early night.

QUESTION: Do you bring snacks along on a trip? If so, what are they?

Night Night bloggies!


4 responses to “Sometimes I just “forget” to eat.

  1. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 Mmm… No Pudge is so delicious 🙂 How did you like the Larabar? No, I never forget to eat…I wish! I am always thinking about my next meal!

  2. I have to agree with Lara, I don’t think I have EVER forgotten to eat, haha! Thats a food blogger for ya.

    I always bring tons of snacks on trips with me. My staples are bars, individual nut bags, dried fruit, fresh fruit, dry cereal.

    Hope you have a good saturday!

  3. I have not forgotten to eat before (that I recall), but I have been too busy to eat. Like you point out though, when hunger sneaks up on you, it is easy to overeat.

    I don’t always bring snacks with me, but on long trips I tend to bring some nuts or cheese to tide me over when healthier eating options are not available.

  4. Forget to eat? Don’t think that ever happened to me…ever. Haha! I’m always anticipating the next meal!

    I don’t really bring snacks with me. Maybe an occasional fruit. But when I go on long plane flights, I’ll bring sandwiches and stuff because airplane food sucks.

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