Thanksgiving is not the only time to be thankful

I am a worrywart.

Thankfully I have amazing and supportive friends that assure me that I will be ok 🙂

Even with an injury, diet not working, stress of school and the future. I have many things to be thankful for. The health and happiness of myself and my family. We live, laugh, love and learn together 🙂Family


Education– being in school is something that my mom did not get a chance to finish for financial reasons. Many other families can’t afford to send their kids to college. My love/hate relationship will continue for the time being but in the end I will get out so much more.

Friends- I have an interesting group of friends, some I don’t even talk to for months. Others I talk and text to every single day. These are the people I see on a day to day basis and study with. It is so nice to have a group of people to share mylife with, it is impossible to feel alone.5006_1076960484182_1231320014_30187394_43270_n



Food-I love food!!!! It provides me with energy and the proper nutrition that allows me to function. Also a good excuse to bring friends and family together, It is so important to have a POSITIVE relationship with food. Much harder than boys LOL.

Life- This semester brings me the hardest classes I have yet to take, a new internship, running an organization and teaching 🙂 I love everything I do and I am blessed to be able to do so!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, 3 months early, now bring on the turkey :)!!!!!

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