Sad day :(

I have decided to stop working out until my injury gets better 😦


Learn to eat better thats for sure. I depend on exercise too much to lose weight- because I just don’t diet.

But 😦 *Big girl pouting* I am not good at not being able to run around and let my stress out. But I have to get better and I am not helping myself- after my workout yesterday I was stiff  with nerve pain down my leg. So until I get better I will be in rest mode and stay AWARE of my eating habits.

My cheer up lunch today was an INDIAN PIAZZA!!!!! I ❤ Trader Joe’s!!!!!!!

 Still no picture 😦 But it SOOOO tasty, you will just have to take my word for it! Our camera is STILL not back from being fixed .

So MAJOR pet peeve of mine: Getting bits of GOD KNOW WHAT in  my laptop keyboard. The keys get stuck and you have to push it twice to get the letter. BLACH I just spent ten minutes poking at my F key with a tooth pick. and SUCCESS!

So this blog is not just to talk about my food and fitness life. Its also about my personal and school life. I am currently trying to figureout what I want to do after college. Before college I wanted to go to med school right away; however after taking all my premed classes I just don’t have the GPA to do so. Its not a HORRIBLE GPA but I want to be a strong applicant. Especially going into a competitive field such as this. 

So I am looking into getting my masters in Epidemiology, where basically I would get to study Swine flu and other diseases. In order to do this I need to take the GRE, looking at my overall academic performance I am what you would say is the “average” student. Whenever I look at the average score in my classes, my score is right around there. Now this is nothing to be ashamed of, but we can all wish to be a genius, right? To take this exam in about a year, ideally for myself I need to start studying now, and in between trying to finish up with a summer class and not burn out before the semester, I need to plan this accordingly.

Even at the age of 20 my future feels a LLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOONNNNGG way off but it will be here before I know it 🙂

Anyways I could ramble on forever but I have to go hunt down an ice pack and study!

One response to “Sad day :(

  1. I know what you mean by eating right…i exercise a lot so that allows me to eat whatever…but i know when school starts…my exercise will be cut in half and i’m going to need to learn how to control my eating.

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