Something is a bit off

After a late night out I slept till about 12:10 today, this being early for a college student. I grabbed an applesauce on the way out to the gym. I just can’t seem to EAT anything when I wake up.

So at the gym I happened to walk past the mirror and took a double take at what I was wearing. SUPER baggy shorts that you might catch your grandmother in. And a faded baggy t-shirt. Now the gym I go to most people are matching head to toe. From the headband to their shoelaces. I used to match when I used to take kickboxing classes, because I used to see the same people 4-5 times a week and you just can’t wear the same thing. Now because I have gained some weight I don’t fit into my smaller sized fitness gear and I don’t plan on buying any in this size. But that is NO reason to look like a mess going to the gym.

Today I warmed up for 10 mins on the elliptical at level 4 and then switched over to the seated bike for the rest of the 20 mins. I did most of my workout at level 3 with minute internals at level 5 and 9.

I went to do my ball cunches, I had done about 20 when I started to get up off the ball, something did NOT feel right with my back 😦 So I stopped my work out, did my non bending stretching and went home. I need my ice pack to come in ASAP- the frozen  veggies are not cutting it.

Time for LUNCHI! Homemade beef casadias!!!!

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