Injury + Workout

As I have mentioned in my previous posts that I am currently injured- I have a pars fracture of the vertebrae. This type of injury is most common in gymnasts and football players, which I am not.  Regardless of how I got injured. I have it.

My “normal” workouts include playing tennis, taking kickboxing classes and running. Doing all of these exercises make my back VERY stiff so I no longer do them.

I have switched over to low impact and core workouts. This will not harm my injury area and allow me heal as well as get a quality workout in.

A typical workout will include 30 mins on the elliptical. I usually keep it at level 5 with a Glute workout, since that is a problem area of mine.

For the next 30 mins I do a circuit of light weights, abs and stretching.

I use 7.5 lb hand weights for press ups and I use a stability ball for my abs. I do this to stabilize my back while being able to work my ab muscles. I also do a 45 sec plank hold and I will switch over to a min as I get stronger. I don’t do any stretches that involve me bending over or twisting my back since that is rather painful

QUESTION: How do you all workout while being  injured?

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