To trying new things

So i woke up this morning feeling refreshed, I do have some physics to do. My rather huge exam is coming up on Tuesday, for once I feel like I do understand the concepts. I just need to fine tune them and finish the few remaining homework problems. I don’t feel all that sore from my outdoor exercise yesterday, I guess that means I can push myself a little bit more. I am not too sure how a heart murmur effects physical exercise, I will take it a bit easy until I go see the cardiologist. But for now I am going to keep up with my normal workout routine. I have also started a new acne treatment, I have to slather myself with some gel creme at night and then sleep with it, it should be interesting to see if the final results work. I never knew there was soo much work put into looking and feeling good. I wonder if everyone else has to do this as well, or do they just wake up everyday looking beautiful and shinny? I would sure love to find out. But now on to day 3!

Day 3:

10:30 am: Instant oatmeal with raisins

11:26am a bowl of peaches with a spoon of fat free cottage cheese.

1:30-2:30- Kickboxing/ step class – I felt a bit weak while taking this class 😦

3:30- 1.5 pieces of brown pita bread with 1/2 spoon of potatoes and chicken. Along with a bowl full of strawberries and a teaspoon of lite whip creme.

6:30- 2 corn on the cobs with 4 whole wheat crackers

8:54pm- 1 boiled potato with a pinch of skim cheddar cheese. Also a spoon of brown rice with squash and ground white meat.

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