The Beginning

So I am very new to this whole blogging experience. I did have a Xanga growing up in high school, however it was just a simple thing just to keep in contact with friends. Plus it was a trend, because everyone had one I of course had to join the bandwagon. Just like with facebook, which is the new social network that everyone is a part of, it is hard to find a place to just right down thoughts that can be expressed freely without wondering if someone that you know it reading your every thought. I am sure people will be reading this, but hopefully not people that I know or see in my everyday life. I think that is a bit weird. And I also have terrible grammar and spelling so I try not to post things that people may read. I can just hear them going, ” UGH, did she even go to school?” Of course I have been to school I am currently in my 2nd year of college, which I will be starting in the fall. Wow, its even weird to type that all out, it seems unreal. That means my college experience is almost 1/2 way over. I could go on and on about different things, but let me get to the main point. of why I am writing this blog. Yesterday I went to the doctor for a visit, this would be my first visit with her because I my previous doctor because they no longer accepted our insurance. But anyways through the visit I learned the following bits of information: I have a heart mummer, high cholesterol and I need to go on a low cholesterol diet for the next six months and lose about 17 pound. Now, I never thought I had a weight problem, I do LOVE and enjoy food, but I figured as long as I worked out I could eat whatever I wanted to. And so for 19 years that is exactly what I did. I ate and took about 5 kickboxing classes a week. Looking at my body, I don’t consider myself to be fat or over weight. At 5’3 I am 152 pounds, I just thought I had a rather curvy body, and a few pounds here and there that I could lose. I mean with looking around at everyone else I saw, I considered my self to be in ok shape. But apparently not. This is probably a blessing is disguise, because I do need to get my life together and create a schedule for myself and to follow it so I can get started on to a healthier me! And that is what I will be using my blog for. I want this to document my journey and have a place to write down what I have been doing and eating:

Day 1:

·          Ate a Nature valley Oat’s and Honey bar

·          1 spoon of brown rice, 3 pieces on boneless chicken and non fat plain yogurt X2

·          A boneless chicken sandwich with a dab of mayo on, whole wheat bread along with a salad and a dab of salad dressing

·          Cottage cheese, and strawberries

·          A milkshake with fat free milk, strawberries and honey


Day 2:

10:30 am- ½ glass of fat free milk, and ¼ glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

11-12: Cardio boxing class

12:30 pm- A milkshake with fat free milk, strawberries and honey

1-3: studying for physics in the library.

3:30:pm- A boneless chicken sandwich with a dab of mayo on, whole wheat bread and Cottage cheese, and strawberries

7:30-7:58: Walked,biked and jogged 2.9 miles

9:30: 1 and 1/2 peices of brown pita bread with a spoon of potatoes and chicken.

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